Fred and Mary Ford Celebrate Dining Rankings with Students
Fred and Mary Ford, for whom Ford Dining Court was named, celebrate Purdue Dining & Catering's national rankings by delivering cookies to our students as a gesture of thanks.

Purdue University Dining & Catering

College life can be hectic. Classwork, student organizations and social activities put demands on your time and energy. Purdue University Dining & Catering keeps you fueled and ready to go.

Our Mission

To nourish and inspire the Purdue community.

Our Vision

Purdue University Dining & Catering is committed to student success.  As an integral part of the Purdue experience, HFS focuses on co-curricular education while striving to exceed campus hospitality expectations.  Improving through continuous assessment, we challenge both students and staff to grow and develop so that they can be leaders in our local communities as well as in our global society.  HFS acts responsibly in all endeavors and our staff aspire to uphold the highest values and virtues.


HFS ValuesHFS Virtues
Highly Collaborative Partner with others to make a strong team
Focused on Learning Help those around you rise to the challenge of being the best they can be
Stewards of Our Resources Look for green opportunities to make things better
Accountable & Respectful Remember that how you accomplish something is just as important as what you accomplish
Clear in Our Purpose & Vision Lead through your actions
Team-Oriented & Community Builders Develop community through inclusion, support, and active participation
Seeking Excellence & Innovation Strive for improvement in all things