Earhart Dining Court

As an artist would use a brush and palette, Earhart Dining Court beckons you into a bold and spacious atmosphere. Rich colors and flavorful aromas underscore the feast that awaits.

Continually striving to stay in tune with the needs and expectations of today's student, Earhart Dining Court allows the diner to get involved with their meal. Choose your own ingredients and make it your way!

  • Create your own Asian inspired dish and we will prepare it while you wait.
  • Start off with a garden-fresh salad. Choose from an abundant variety of flavors.
  • Get your Italian on with the make your own pizza, pasta and grinders bars! Molto Bene!
  • The Pastry Shop offers a variety of your favorite desserts, along with cookies, pies and cakes. Add ice cream, a la mode!
  • In a rush? Grab On-the-Go! and take it with you! Available Monday through Friday when classes are in session.

Meeting a group, sharing an intimate lunch, or dining alone? There is a variety of seating available, from which you can enjoy the atmosphere at Earhart Dining Court!

Earhart Dining Court is open to all Purdue students, faculty, staff, and visitors using meal plans, Dining Dollars, BoilerExpress, credit cards, and cash for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.