Purdue Dining & Catering Meal Plans 2014-15

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Weekly Meal Plans

These meal plans include a specific number of meal swipes per week. Unused swipes from these plans expire on Sunday evenings each week and reset for the following week. Swipes from these plans can only be used by the student, not for swiping in guests.

Boiler Flex Unlimited Plan

This is the only plan that lets you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week. You can swipe into the dining courts as many times as you want, stopping in for multiple meals, snacks or coffee and never have to worry about counting or running out of meals. Boiler Flex Unlimited affords students the most value, as it has the lowest cost per meal.

If you don’t think you’ll have time to eat in the dining courts three times daily, Boiler Flex Unlimited includes five swipes at On-the-GO! per week and $250 Dining Dollars for the year to spend at the 28 retail dining locations around campus. Dining Dollars can be also used to bring guests to the dining court. This is also the only plan that allows students to add additional Dining Dollars at semester break.

13-Track Plan

This plan includes 13 meal swipes per week in the dining courts or On-the-GO! locations. This plan is ideal for the student who eats twice a day in the dining courts and offers the most dining dollars – $225 per semester – to spend in dining and retail locations across campus.

8-Track Plan

The 8-Track Plan includes 8 meal swipes per week in the dining courts or On-the-GO! locations. This plan is designed for the student on a budget who chooses not to eat as many meals each week. This plan does not offer any Dining Dollars.

Block Meal Plans

A block meal plan includes a specific number of meal swipes and Dining Dollars per semester. Note: These plans are only available to students who are college sophomore status and above.

Boiler Block Plan

This meal plan includes 123 meal swipes and $225 Dining Dollars per semester. Any unused swipes or Dining Dollars at semester break roll over to the spring semester, expiring at the end of the meal contract period in May. The Boiler Block Plan is the only plan that allows students to use their swipes to accompany guests into the dining courts.

Boiler Gold Plan*

Hawkins Hall residents have an exclusive meal plan option in the Boiler Gold Plan, which is $750 Dining Dollars per semester (no meal swipes) that can be used in dining courts or retail locations across campus.

*Correction:  This web page and the University Residences Contract Renewal brochure both contained an error when stating who is eligible for the Boiler Gold Plan for 2014-15.  They incorrectly stated that Hilltop and Purdue Village residents were eligible for the Boiler Gold Plan, while in reality only Hawkins Hall residents are eligible for this plan for academic year 2014-15.  We sincerely apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused.

Purdue Dining & Catering offers a variety of meal plans to fit students’ varying schedules and budgets. New for Fall 2014, we have upgraded our most popular plans. Our weekly meal plans will have an increased number of meals compared to previous plans at the same price points, and we are introducing our first ever unlimited plan in 2014-15 as well, the Boiler Flex Unlimited Plan. We also have a block plan for upperclassmen that allows them to swipe in guests.

All of these plans come with meals and/or Dining Dollars loaded directly to a student’s Purdue ID card, convenience and flexibility that can’t be beat. Use your card for a meal in the dining courts, coffee at Starbucks®, or a quick lunch or snack from Purdue Memorial Union or any of the 28 retail satellite locations across campus.

Check the business hours of various Dining & Catering operations on our website under Hours of Operation, but you can get something to eat somewhere on campus from 6:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. in a variety of retail and residential dining locations.

Note: Off-campus students are not eligible to purchase a meal plan. Please consider a BoilerExpress account to purchase meals on campus.

Dining Dollars

Dining dollars are part of most plans and loaded directly to a student’s Purdue ID card. These Dining Dollars may be spent for a variety of things across campus in any Purdue Dining & Catering operation. New for Fall 2014, Dining Dollars are no longer restricted in how many you can use in retail locations or within Purdue Memorial Union. Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring semesters and do not expire until the end of the academic year in May.

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The Fine Print

When choosing a meal plan please be aware that you are signing up for the full academic year. You can increase your meal plan at anytime during the semester, but you cannot drop the meal plan while you are living in University Residences. For the 2014-15 Academic Year, residents of Hawkins Hall and Hilltop Apartments are not required to purchase a meal plan. Students assigned to these residences who wish to change to a room-only option must do so prior to the start of the Fall 2014 contract. Current residents of non-apartment halls who transfer to Hilltop Apartments, Purdue Village or Hawkins Hall can select a room-only option when they are initially assigned. Residents of Hawkins Hall or Hilltop Apartments may eat at any residential dining services location by purchasing a meal plan here or by using a BoilerExpress account.