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Purdue Grand Prix highlights

Congratulations to Jimmy Simpson and the Delts Racing Team for winning the 57th Purdue Grand Prix! A tradition was born amidst the roar of lawnmower engines at Purdue University on May 17, 1958. The Purdue Grand Prix was born after a dream inspired by a few enthusiastic students’ late night bull session became a reality. The students wanted a way for engineering students at Purdue to exercise their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm. Since its beginning, Grand Prix has matured into a successful and well-run organization that concentrates its fundraising efforts to provide scholarships to students. The Foundation centers on its motto of “students helping students.”

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RHGT 2014 Highlights

The main purpose of Residence Hall's Got Talent (RHGT) is to seek out and spotlight the many unique talents of residents living in the Residence Halls. The club believes much talent exists in the University Residences and that it is important for other residents to experience the talent their peers have to showcase.

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Full Schedule Featured Movies for August 2014