Griffin HallGiving to Griffin Hall

The Griffin Hall fund has been established to carry forward the Griffin Hall club legacy for future generations of Purdue students. This fund will provide the students of Griffin Hall with leadership experiences as they attend special events on campus and in the Greater Lafayette community, as well as opportunities to interact and network with peers from other institutions by attending conferences or retreats. These funds will support Third Street students who are organizing, leading and hosting programs.

We know from alumni and student feedback that hall programs have a lasting impact. These opportunities enhance the social and professional development that is critical to shaping young leaders. Your contributions make these initiatives possible. We realize the need to not only preserve but enhance what we offer today’s students to ensure they have all the tools and resources necessary to make a difference in our world. University Residences alumni and friends have asked how they can give back to students' campus living experience. We hope you will be interested as well. Please consider a gift to the Griffin Hall Fund today.

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