University Residences Assignment Information

Welcome to University Residences! New students to University Residences for the 2019-20 Academic Year will be notified of their room and roommate assignment information on or about July 15, 2019.  This notification will be sent to your Purdue email address. Any questions regarding your housing assignment should be directed to the main office of your assigned residence. This information will be included in your housing assignment notification.  

Students registered for Boiler Gold Rush may move in on their selected check-in date and time, which will be Monday, August 12 or Tuesday, August 13, 2019. The BGR fees include your room charges from August 12, 2019 and meals beginning with the lunch meal on Monday, August 12th. Please note the Purdue Dining & Catering's residential dining courts will be open on August 12, 2019 and you may use cash or credit card to purchase meals before your BGR meals begin. 

Select Your Move-in Date and Time:

If you haven't done so already, you will need to select your move-in date and time at

Important Information Regarding Early Check-in:

The 2019-20 Purdue University Residences contract begins Friday, August 16, 2019.  All new and returning students may move in beginning Monday, August 12, 2019 any time after 9:00 a.m. at an additional cost (included in Boiler Gold Rush fee). Early arrival prior to August 12th will only be approved for university-sponsored orientation groups. The sponsoring department must submit a list of their students, with PUID number, and requested arrival date to the University Residences Director of Administration by July 12, 2019. Individual students who are not part of an approved early arrival orientation group should plan to move in no earlier than Monday, August 12, 2019.

Important Dates
Date Day Time Description
August 12, 2019 Monday 9:00 a.m.

Non-BGR Participants: Early Arrival begins for students not participating in Boiler Gold Rush. The Early Arrival fees are $22.00 per person, per day for room only (even if dropping off belongings) through Thursday, August 15, 2019.

August 12, 2019 Monday 9:00 a.m.

Meals will be available in the Residential Dining Courts during Early Arrival at a rate of:

Breakfast: $8.03

Lunch: $12.31

Dinner: $12.73

Cash and credit card are accepted. Students who use BoilerExpress will receive a discount. Payment to be made at the entrance to the dining court. 

August 15, 2019 Thursday 11:59 p.m. EDT

The DEADLINE to decrease your meal plan. Also, deadline for students assigned to Hawkins Hall, Hilltop Apartments, Purdue Village Undergraduate or the UR Boiler Apartments to change to a room-only contract.  Meal plan changes should be submitted in the housing contract portal at

August 16, 2019 Friday 9:00 a.m.

You may check-in at no additional charge and breakfast is the first contract meal.

August 19, 2019 Monday 7:30 a.m.

Fall semester classes begin.

Don't Forget
  • Each resident is responsible to furnish their own blankets, sheets, bed spreads, pillows, towels, washcloths, soap, etc.
  • The mattress size is 36” x 78”.
  • Internet - PAL3.0 is the wired/wireless internet provided in all University Residences.  Purdue Village provides Wintek and the UR Boiler Apartments provide Comcast and MetroNet.  Modems and routers are installed in all University Residences locations.  Do not purchase or bring wireless routers as this interferes with the Wi-Fi signals that are in place.  Students distributing wireless signals will lose connectivity and/or be handled as a conduct violation.  For more information, please visit or  You may also call the Resnet Help Desk at 765-494-2200.
  • For more information about loft guidelines, please visit Loft Guidelines and Options.
  • For information about doing your laundry in University Residences, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Note: University Residences will accept cash or check and BoilerExpress transactions in the main office of the following locations only:
    • Purdue Village
    • Smalley Center
    • Please activate your BoilerExpress account prior to arriving to one of these locations to make a deposit. To activate your account, visit Credit/debit card will be accepted online only for BoilerExpress deposits. Please note there is a $3 fee for each credit/debit card deposit.

We invite and strongly encourage you to review our Frequently Asked Questions about Purdue University Residences. This will acquaint you with the operations and procedures developed over the years to make your stay a pleasant experience.

The Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH) provides outpatient healthcare for students, including immunizations required by the State of Indiana. Please be sure to use your assigned residence mailing address when completing health insurance forms (see below for U.S. Postal addresses for University Residences). For more information on immunizations and other services, visit the PUSH website or call (765) 494-1700.

If you have pre-registered for classes, your initial room and board assessment will be included on your fee statement in your MyPurdue account in the near future. You will be responsible for checking your MyPurdue account on a regular basis for fee assessment and account information.

If you are a recipient of financial aid, including Guaranteed Student Loans, up to one semester’s housing payments plus any past due amounts will be deducted from the available financial aid funds and credited to your housing bill at the beginning of each semester. A loss or reduction in your financial aid award is not a reason for cancellation of your housing contract, unless your plans change and you will NOT be attending Purdue University for the 2019-20 Academic Year.

Mail should be addressed to you using the following format (your room assignment will be sent on or about July 15, 2019 to your Purdue email address):

Student Name
Name of Residence, Room Number
Street Address
City, State  Zip Code

Important note: If you use and expect to receive mail addressed to a name other than what is listed on your Purdue University Student ID, please update your MyPurdue account and enter your preferred first name (the name you wish to be called) to ensure you will receive your mail deliveries.

For your assigned residence's mailing address information, please view the U.S. postal address of your assigned residence.

It should be understood that the student is expected to fulfill the terms of the University Residences contract for the entire academic year if in attendance at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus. No consideration for termination of the contract will be made so that a student can accept residence in a private home, apartment, sorority/fraternity, cooperative housing or any other residence at any time during the academic year. Students who marry and establish local residence with their spouse may request release from their housing contract if space is not available at the Purdue Village Apartments.

If you find you will be unable to enroll at Purdue University for the 2019-20 Academic Year, you must notify your assigned residence in writing at the earliest possible date and state briefly the reason for the change in your plans.

Our club is looking forward to your support and participation in its program. Club dues will be $32.00 per academic year. One-half of the club dues will be included in the assessment for housing costs at the beginning of each semester. Your club dues provide for social, recreational programs and other events.

It is with pleasant anticipation that we look forward to our association with you, and it is hoped that the coming year will be a happy and successful one.