Purdue students moving in during Boiler Gold Rush

UR Move-In

We are excited to welcome you to campus! We have prepared the following resources to help you through the process of accessing campus, navigating through your check-in location and where to park once your Boilermaker has unloaded their belongings. 

Please continue to check this page to get the most updated move-in information as it is made available.

Move-In Details

Move-in timeslots will be pre-assigned for new students and are based on program participation, if applicable, and/or contract start dates. These timeslots will be released with student housing assignment notifications. If you need to make travel arrangements prior to the timeslot being released, please refer to the available dates below and plan accordingly.

Students registered for Boiler Gold Rush International:

  • move in on August 9

Students registered for Boiler Gold Rush:

  • move in between August 11 and August 13

All other students:

  • move in on August 16 or after



When will I receive my housing assignment notification?

Students arriving in July will receive their housing assignments on or around June 13 and students arriving in August will be receiving their housing assignments and other pertinent information on or around July 15.

Please note with a high volume of emails going out at one time, it could take up to 48 hours to receive your assignment notification. Please remain patient during this time.

When will I receive my assigned move-in timeslot?

Your assigned move-in timeslot will be shared with you as part of your assignment notification sent on or around June 13 for those arriving in July and on or around July 15 for those arriving in August.

Can an assigned timeslot be changed if a student has a legitimate conflict? What is the process to do that?

Yes, a student can change their assigned timeslot if they have a conflict. Please be aware that if you must change your assigned timeslot, there is no guarantee you will receive a new timeslot during BGRi or BGR while move-in assistance is provided. Many locations may have carts available for use during move-in.

If you need to adjust your move-in timeslot, you will have the ability to do so in the Housing Portal. Students can check the Housing Portal to see when they are eligible to change their move-in timeslot.

It is recommended that you revisit the Housing Portal, as timeslots are continuously updating. If there is no availability, after multiple attempts, you should email your assigned residence hall with the requested change. Please include your name and the last four digits of your PUID number.

Please remember to reprint your move-in pass if you make a change to your move-in timeslot and have already printed your move-in pass. 

What defines a legitimate reason to request a change in move-in timeslot?

Legitimate reasons may vary for many people. We would ask that you remain as flexible as possible and consult the website for any necessary changes prior to emailing your residence hall. Some basic guidelines for legitimate reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • flight arrangements
  • illness
  • transportation issues
  • internship commitments
  • signing up for BGRi, BGR, or other early arrival program after housing assignments are released
The Housing Portal appears to be down, what should I do?
With a high volume of students attempting to access the Housing Portal at one time, the Housing Portal may go down. Please remain patient and try again in an hour or so. 
I have a question, who do I contact?
  • Prior to assignments going out, email housing@purdue.edu. Please be patient while waiting for a response, as we receive a high volume of emails during this time.
  • After assignments go out, students must contact their assigned residence hall's main office via email. To best accommodate students and their families, we would ask that all requests for move-in timeslot changes be communicated by email to the student's assigned residence hall. This allows us to have a written record of the requested change and helps to ensure no requests for changes are lost or inadvertently overlooked.
A Purdue family posing for a photo in their student's dorm room on move-in day.