A group of students sitting, talking, and eating pizza.

Purdue in Indianapolis Dining

Meals for Boiler Gold Rush participants will begin with breakfast on August 13 during move-in at Tower Dining through IUI. All other students with meal plans can begin using their dining dollars to purchase meals on August 16 as contracted meals do not begin until August 18 for breakfast. Additionally, any student without a meal plan will receive a discounted daily rate at the entrance of Tower Dining on August 16 and 17. For more information, visit Meal Plan Options linked below.  

Meal Plans

Your meal plan options are provided through IUI Dining. Meal plans are required for students residing in North Hall and available to all Purdue in Indianapolis students. Students with a meal plan can eat at Tower Dining or one of the Chartwells-managed locations across campus using meal swipes loaded onto their student ID card.

Explore the dining options available with your meal plan at dineoncampus.com/iui.