Two student employees at the student employee appreciation event.


Student Employment

Students who work learn skills that help them in their classes and in future employment, such as time management and teamwork. Learn about the benefits of working during school and view job openings at our student employment page.


University Residences partners with to provide optional amenities for your room, including high quality wooden bed lofts, microfridge/microwave combination units, and futons. A lofted bed raises the height of the twin bed to make usable space under the bed for a TV, futon, or desk. Lofts are installed by Bedloft staff, complete with a safety rail. Rented microfridge combo units and purchased futons are delivered to your room for maximum convenience. Visit our Loft Guidelines page for more information.


With a free BoilerExpress account, the Purdue Mobile ID is the easiest way to make purchases on campus without carrying cash or credit. The best part? Once you put money in your account, the balance stays with you until you leave Purdue. BoilerExpress is a convenient way to preload funds to an online account you can access with the tap of your phone at locations across campus. 

A BoilerExpress account is different from a Dining Dollars account. A BoilerExpress account is a prepaid stored-value account you must sign up for and deposit funds. A Dining Dollars account is opened for you when you sign a housing contract through University Residences based on the meal plan chosen. Students may add funds to their BoilerExpress account online using a credit or debit card, via eAccounts; fees apply. 


Check your Dining Dollars balance, add money to your BoilerExpress stored-value account, and view transaction history from one place with Purdue eAccounts. This online portal makes managing your Purdue Mobile ID a snap. Parents and families can even deposit some extra funds straight into your BoilerExpress account. 


There is a laundry room in every residence hall. All washers and dryers in traditional University Residences are front-load high-efficiency machines that maximize load size and conserve water and energy use. With the exception of Hilltop Apartments and UR Boiler Apartments, the washers and dryers in University Residences only accept BoilerExpress which is an account feature built into the Purdue Mobile ID. Students may add funds to their BoilerExpress account via the eAccounts Portal

Please note: Beginning August 5, BoilerExpress will no longer be used to pay for laundry in the traditional residence halls. Rather, the washers and dryers will only accept payment from the CSCPay Mobile laundry app. For more information regarding the CSCPay Mobile laundry app, visit their website here.

Students are encouraged to hold off on pre-loading their BoilerExpress accounts for laundry during the summer. Laundry will be no cost from May 6 to August 5 for residents living in University Residences over the summer session.

Fix It

University Residences maintains a safe and healthy environment for students to live and study. If something is wrong or broken, it is important to report it. Visit Fix It to submit work requests for burned out lighting, plumbing problems, window screen repairs, or broken heating or air conditioning (NOTE: You will need your BoilerKey to access the Fix It website). Alternatively, students can report problems to their Resident Assistant or the hall office. Call 765-494-8221 immediately to report urgent building issues, life safety events, or medical emergencies.

City Bus

Purdue students can ride select City Bus routes for free (just make sure you have your ID!). Riding the bus is an especially good alternative to walking on cold or rainy days. Learn more about the City Bus routes.


ResNet stands for Residential Networks and is the service that allows you to connect your personal devices to the campus network, either wirelessly with PAL3.0 or by using an industry standard Ethernet connection. The service also provides a shared connection to the Internet and is the service used by most students living in the residence halls and university-operated apartments. You can also connect directly to campus via VPN.

Note: Students assigned to University Residences Boiler Apartments will have high-speed internet service provided by local providers. Connection information at these locations will be provided upon check-in.

For more information visit the ResNet webpage.

Purdue IT

The Purdue IT Service Desk serves as the first point of contact for students, faculty and staff. They can assist with questions concerning PAL3.0, Purdue VPN, password resets, and many other support inquiries. Visit their help page for more information. Are you a new student? This page on the Purdue IT website is a great place to start.


Amazon offers students free shipping when items are shipped to the Amazon Hub Locker+ location at the Krach Leadership Center (KRCH). For Prime members, there is free same-day and one-day shipping ability. Additional services include, free return drop-off for eligible items (return labels, boxes and packing materials can be provided onsite), free textbook rental returns, free one-day shipping for all textbooks, self-serve kiosk and in-person assistance. Additional information can be found at

Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH)

Purdue Student Health Center provides student-oriented primary care as well as ongoing care for chronic conditions to a diverse student population. It is staffed by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners and professional staff who can help you stay in the classroom and out of the doctor's office.

Purdue Pharmacy

Purdue Pharmacy provides a convenient location for you to have your prescriptions filled. It is staffed by licensed pharmacists, graduate student instructors, and pharmacy students.


Purdue offers free counseling, therapy, crisis consultations and other clinical services for students in need. For more details, visit the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) page.