*Windsong Apartments will be unavailable as a UR Boiler Apartment option for 2022-23 Contract Renewal

New for the 2021-22 academic year, Windsong Apartments are located on the east end of campus. One of West Lafayette's famous eateries, the Triple XXX Family Restaurant, is just steps away along with Target, coffee shops and other dining options in the heart of Chauncey Village. You will also be close by State Street, which runs through campus, so you can hop on a CityBus, drive or ride your bike to your classes.

University Residences has leased 4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartments in Windsong with a total of 24 spaces for the 2021-22 academic year.

Students who live in the UR Boiler Apartments will be on a University Residences contract and a Purdue Dining & Culinary meal plan. Students living in UR Boiler Apartments must abide by the guidelines for University Residences. For more information about Windsong apartments, please visit the granite website here.

Please contact University Residences Boiler Apartments for dimensions and specifications regarding your specific room.