Auxiliary Housing

Shreve Hall offers one example of temporary housing space
What is Auxiliary housing?

All students who have a signed housing contract by May 5, will be guaranteed a living space in University Residences for the upcoming academic year. However, due to the continued popularity of living on campus with returning students and a large freshman class at Purdue University, not every student can be assigned to their permanent residential space immediately. In order to meet these housing commitments, University Residences has arranged for alternative spaces referred to as temporary and auxiliary to be used for students who have a signed housing contract. These spaces are all within University Residences housing, however a small number will be housed in the Purdue Memorial Union Club Hotel. The residents assigned to the Union Club Hotel will be in very short-term spaces and will be the first residents assigned to a permanent location.

Based on the number of standard spaces available, you may be assigned to a space in auxiliary housing for the start of this fall semester. Students who have signed a housing contract with Purdue University Residences will be assigned to a permanent living space as soon as one is available.

As soon as a standard residential space becomes available, you will be assigned to a permanent living space on campus. Staff in University Residences will assist you in moving your belongings to your new space. Most students are reassigned by October Break, but in all cases, by semester break.

The auxiliary room rate will be at the lowest double room rate in University Residences. However, once the student is moved to a regular space, the rate will be adjusted accordingly.

University Residences has extensive experience with auxiliary housing, and steps have been taken to ensure that you will experience the same benefits of living in a residence as those who have been assigned to standard spaces.

Where will I be living?

Short-TermTransitional Residence
Auxiliary Housing Categories and Information
Location Union Club Hotel Converted Space in Residence Hall and designated space at Purdue Village Apartments
Expected Length of Stay 5-15 days 1-2 months
Style of Housing Double Occupancy Hotel Room Various Arrangements
Moving Assistance Provided YES YES
Meal Plan YES YES
Resident Assistant Support YES YES
Academic and Community Activities YES YES
BGR Eligible YES YES
Rate (room only/semester) $1,223 $1,223

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Welcome to University Residences!

You are now part of the Purdue University Residences community. As with any relationship—particularly for people living together—developing and maintaining respect, open and ongoing communication, and cooperation are essential for making it work. With these things in place, a temporary living arrangement can be as effective as a standard one.

Amazing as it seems, with the close relationships that quickly develop among college roommates, many students have shared with us that they found these arrangements to be as rewarding as living in a traditional residential space. We look forward to helping you make your college transition a successful one!


Please contact the Purdue University Residences Central Assignments Office at 765-494-1000.