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Contract Renewal Phase Dates

Below are Contract Renewal phases for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. For more information, please visit the Contract Renewal FAQs page.

Return to Your Same Room

November 1 (noon) –

November 6, 2017

Renew Your Contract for a Different Room
Current Seniors and Senior Specials* November 9 - 12, 2017
Current Juniors, Junior Specials*, and Displaced Residents** November 13 - 15, 2017
Current Sophomores and Sophomore Specials* November 16 - 27, 2017
Current Freshmen and Freshmen Specials*

November 28, 2017 –

February 28, 2018

*Specials are students who left University Residences for Industrial Co-op, Study Abroad, called to Military Duty, or for a medical reason and plan to return to University Residences for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

**A displaced resident is one whose room will not be available during the contract period. Most rooms become unavailable due to requirements for Honors College, Learning/Living Communities, or a change in space management. Displaced Residents will receive the priority of a junior even if they are sophomores or freshmen.

Tue 30 Jan
Get Involved with University Residences Diversity and Inclusion!

Are you invested enough in pop culture to compete? Come around and let us put you to a test!

Hip Hop Squares: Black History Month

February 20, 2018
6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Located at the Hiller Theater

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