Loft Guidelines & Options

Many students living in University Residences elect to have elevated beds, commonly known as lofts, to increase the usable space in their room. Please note: custom built or personally built lofts are not allowed.

What Are My Loft Options?
Location Rent from BedLoft
Cary Suites (E, NE, NW, W) Ok 
Cary South Varies by room, no lofts in most regular singles.
Earhart Ok 
First Street Towers Ok 
Harrison Ok 
Hawkins*  X
Hillenbrand Ok 
Hilltop*  X
Honors College and Residences Ok 
McCutcheon Ok 
Meredith No lofts in regular singles. Small singles will be automatically lofted.
Meredith South Ok 
Owen Ok 
Purdue Village*  X
Shreve Ok 
Tarkington Ok 
Griffin Hall North Ok 
Griffin Hall South Ok 
UR Boiler Apartments*  X
Wiley Ok 
Windsor Ok 

*Please Note: Lofting is not available at Hawkins Hall, Hilltop Apartments, Purdue Village Apartments or UR Boiler Apartments.

Renting From BedLoft

University Residences partners with to provide optional amenities for your room, including high quality wooden bed lofts, microfridge/microwave combination units, and futons. A lofted bed raises the height of the twin bed to create usable floor space under the bed for a TV, futon, or desk. Lofts are installed by Bedloft staff, complete with a safety rail. Lofts, rented microfridge combo units, and purchased futons are delivered to your room for maximum convenience.

PRICE AND ORDER DEADLINE: $60 per loft, if ordered by July 28, 2020

Orders submitted and confirmed before deadline will be placed in your room before scheduled student move-in date. After the deadline, the price for lofts increases to $80 and in-room delivery is not guaranteed prior to move-in.

Visit for instructions and product information. Lofts fit in most University Residences student rooms; however, a few uniquely shaped rooms may preclude lofting – in these cases lofts will not be eligible for purchase from the Bedloft site. Futons and microfridges are not limited by room size.


Send an email ( describing the issue or call BedLoft at (866) 651-5638.

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Terms And Conditions

  • Only Bedloft staff are allowed to install, adjust or remove University Residences lofts
  • A loft must not block room doorway or egress
  • University Residences lofts are non-transferable
  • Limited refunds based on a prorated schedule

Please Note: If your room assignment changes after you place your order, it is your responsibility to notify to ensure your loft is delivered to the correct room. If you have any changes to your room assignment or other account information, please contact customer service at

Purchasing A Loft From An Outside Vendor

University Residences does not permit any loft product other than Bedloft.