U.S. Postal Service & Shipping

Mail Delivery

Mail delivery services are available in every hall through the hall’s main office. For package mailing purposes please visit the BoilerCopyMaker.

Mail should be addressed to you using the following format (for new students, your room assignment will be sent on or about July 15 to your purdue.edu e-mail address):

Student Name
Name of Residence, Room #
Street Address
City, State  Zip Code

Important note: If you use a name other than what is listed on your Purdue University Student ID, please update your MyPurdue account and enter your preferred first name (the name you wish to be called) to ensure you will receive your mail deliveries.

University Residences addresses can be found here.


BoilerCopyMaker is located in Room 186 of the Purdue Memorial Union.

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