Hilltop Apartments
Hilltop Apartments

The staff at Hilltop Apartments is eager to accommodate your social, educational, and developmental needs. The Hilltop Council, the official student organization of Hilltop Apartments of which all residents are members, serves the Hilltop Apartments community by providing students with opportunities to enhance their collegiate education through leadership development, academic success initiatives, and other educational activities and events. The Hilltop Council provides many social and educational opportunities throughout the year, including bowling and billiard nights at the Union, outdoor movies, athletic tournaments, and more. In addition, Hilltop residents serve children in the greater Lafayette area by hosting a safe-treat Halloween Experience and community engagement programs. Furthermore, the Hilltop student senate encourages the adherence to community living standards and the Hilltop student senate serves as the "voice" of the Hilltop residents.

The 18 Hall Resident Assistants (RAs) and 3 Staff Residents (SRs) at Hilltop strive to unite and serve residents through educational and social activities, small and large group interactions, and providing personal attention. Examples of RA-hosted programs include "survival for spring break," international dinners, non-alcoholic block parties, canoe and ski trips, and stress management. In addition, residents of Hilltop Apartments participate in campus wide activities such as the intramural athletic competitions, blood drives, wellness screenings, and recycling.

It is our mission at Hilltop to help you succeed at Purdue University and in life. If you have any questions, please stop by the Hilltop Main Office or give us a call.


The apartment buildings now known as Hilltop Apartments were first constructed in the 1940s. The area known as Ross Ade I (buildings 1-22) was built in 1948, Ross Ade II (buildings 23-27) was built in 1958, and Ross Ade III (the high rise apartments, (buildings 28-32) was built in 1969.

Prior to 1976, all 32 buildings were used as married student housing. In 1976, buildings 11, 21, and 22 housed a total of 99 male, undergraduate students and three RAs, three students per apartment and one resident assistant per building. Students had the option of signing up for board contracts at Owen Hall, which served as the "administrative headquarters" for what was called Residence Halls Apartments - North.

The following year there were 10 buildings that housed single, male undergraduates. There were eight RAs and two staff residents in the buildings—some of which were married. The following year there were 15 buildings with 12 RAs and three Staff residents. To provide additional support to staff and students, an assistant manager position was added at Owen Hall.

The following year, the entire Ross Ade I area was converted to single undergraduate housing. All 22 buildings housed single undergraduate men and were staffed by five staff residents and 17 RAs. Once the apartments became the Hilltop Apartments in the early 1990’s, the facility became coeducational and students could have board contracts at Cary, Owen, and Tarkington Halls.

Now Hilltop residents (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) live in 31 buildings (some of which include air conditioning), are served by 19 RAs and three staff residents, and have the option of eating meals in all Purdue Dining & Catering dining facilities.