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On behalf of the students and staff of Shreve Residence Hall, thank you for your interest in our residential community! Shreve Hall is an energetic and progressive community focused on enhancing the student experience while supporting our resident's individuals goals of education at Purdue University. Please check out this website, and give us a call or e-mail if you have any questions or would like more information!


Shreve Hall opened in 1970 and was named after Eleanor Burns Shreve and her husband Randolph Norris Shreve. Eleanor was an author, educator, world traveler, musician, and constructive activist. She wrote and conducted scenarios for radio when radio was at its zenith as an entertainment and communication media. Eleanor and her husband were instrumental in the development of the Taiwan College of Engineering in Formosa. To recognize their dedication and accomplishments to higher education and to Purdue University, the Board of Trustees named the residence hall in their honor. They also shared an interest in hard stone carving and developed an appreciation for gems, particularly jade. The Shreve Jade Collection is now housed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.