Shreve HallShreve Hall

Shreve Hall is a part of the Legacy Lane Neighborhood

Legacy Lane

Welcome to Shreve Hall! This 890-bed residence hall opened in 1970 and named after Eleanor Burns Shreve. Eleanor was an author, educator, world traveler, musician and constructive activist who wrote and conducted scenarios for radio when radio was at its peak as an entertainment and communications medium. Shreve residents live in double-occupancy spaces on single-gender floors near community bathrooms. The central part of the building has lounges and activity spaces as well as one of University Residences Support Centers.

The Shreve Club

The Shreve Club, the official student organization of Shreve Hall, serves the Shreve community by providing students with opportunities to enhance their collegiate education through leadership development, representative government, and fun social and educational activities. The Shreve Club provides many social and educational opportunities throughout the year, including carnivals, paintball tournaments, and all-hall cookouts. The club also races a cart in Purdue's legendary annual Grand Prix race! In addition, Shreve residents serve children in the great Lafayette area by hosting an annual Trick-or-Treat night and participate in the community of Relay for Life.

The officers of the Shreve Club (the Cabinet and Executive Board) develop their personal and professional leadership skills as they learn and practice personnel motivation and management, financial planning and budgeting, and program development through local, regional, and national conferences, retreats, and workshops. We encourage you to become involved in the Shreve Club - there is a place for everyone to serve, learn, and grow!

Take a moment and look at what Shreve Hall has to offer. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions – we are here to help you be the best student that you can be!