Wiley Hall

Wiley Hall

Wiley Hall is a part of the District of Tradition Neighborhood

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Welcome to Wiley Hall, which brings student leaders from all levels together to connect, engage and succeed on campus! Wiley Hall opened in 1958 and was named for Harvey W. Wiley, born on October 18, 1844. With community outreach programs like the holiday party with Lafayette Urban Ministry, which hosts a holiday party for local children, as well as the Sunday Night Spotlight, which allows a collaboration between Residence Life and Faculty Fellows to provide inclusive life learning experiences, the residents of Wiley have opportunities to not only excel in the Purdue community but give back to Lafayette as a whole.

The Excalibur Club 

Excalibur Club is the hall club and form of student government for residents of Wiley Hall. All Wiley residents are automatically members of Excalibur Club, but residents can become more involved by running for an executive board position or applying to be a floor senator. Excalibur Club provides an opportunity for residents to develop leadership skills and coordinate large-scale event planning. Some examples of programming and leadership opportunities provided by Excalibur Club include the Halloweek, the Holiday Party with Lafayette Urban Ministry, Breaking for Bacon and Wiley Hall Casino Night.

Take a moment and look at what Wiley Hall has to offer. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions – we are here to help you be the best student that you can be!