Windsor HallsWindsor Halls

The Windsor Halls complex includes five distinct buildings—Wood, Shealy, Vawter, Warren and Duhme—all representing unique communities on their own while still standing in harmony as part of the larger Windsor community. As the oldest women’s residence hall on campus, Windsor is built on a foundation of service and tradition, while enthusiastically maintaining an eye open to the future. We invite you to visit Windsor Halls and see firsthand what we have to offer. While on campus, visit our Main Office, located in Wood Hall, or call us for more information.

The WRH crest is a shield, representing protection, with six symbols on it and the WRH motto:

"Together we live, together we learn."

The crest bears a woman at the top, a symbol of the halls; leaves to represent friendship; a torch for education; an owl for wisdom; a diamond for joy; and three faces at the base representing three types of women: the scholar, the social woman and the combined "ideal woman.”

Outstanding residents of Windsor include Dr. Lillian Gilbreth, Amelia Earhart Putnam and Janice Voss. All of them lived in Duhme Hall. 
Windsor is proud to bring to you a team of motivated staff and students who are here to help support you throughout your academic journey. The Resident Assistant Staff are upper-class students who are hired to support you as a resident while encouraging you to grow academically and socially, and to facilitate the cooperative spirit of the hall community. Our full-time administrative, service, facilities and clerical teams are dedicated staff members who work hard to support the Windsor community through a commitment to student success.
Everyone living in Windsor Halls is a member of our student organization, the WRH Club, an organization deeply rooted in tradition and the values of education and women’s leadership. Being actively involved in the club is a great way to meet people and to build a solid personal framework for holistic development and community spirit.  


  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Study and Recreation Rooms
  • Exercise rooms
  • Pool table
  • Ping-pong table
  • Kitchenette
  • Lounges, Living Rooms, Reading Rooms
  • Tools and fax machine at main office
  • Vending and ice machines
  • Wide screen TV's
  • Mail Room
  • Laundry rooms available
  • Pianos available