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Hillenbrand Hall is a part of the Mosaic Mile Neighborhood

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Welcome to Hillenbrand Hall, which has been at the forefront of new and exciting University Residences programs for 25 years. Hillenbrand Hall's unique design blends the best features of contemporary and traditional designs in order to provide a comfortable, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere. Hillenbrand’s environment enables residents to maximize their educational experience while pursuing their academic endeavors at Purdue. Hillenbrand staff and residents foster a vibrant and dynamic interactive community by encouraging a safe and supportive environment for academic success, personal growth, diversity awareness and accountability. We strive to enhance your residence hall experience so you can enjoy your temporary "home away from home."

The Phoenix Club

The Phoenix Club, the official student organization of Hillenbrand Hall, serves the Hillenbrand community by providing residents and student members with opportunities to enhance their collegiate education through leadership development, representative government, and an assortment of fun social and educational activities. Some of these activities include day-trips, HillenBae, intramurals and Grand Prix. Phoenix Club also contributes significantly to efforts directed at supporting and recognizing our staff and residential activities and to making other amenities available in our hall to our residents.

Take a moment and look at what Hillenbrand Hall has to offer. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions – we are here to help you be the best student that you can be!