Mike Shettle

Director of Administration

Mike is an Indiana native who left the state in 1976 for the United States Naval Academy. He earned his bachelor’s degree there and then a master’s degree in systems technology at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. He spent a total of 22 years on active duty in the Navy, most of which were spent on and around aviation and aircraft carriers. For the last three years of active duty, he taught in Purdue’s Naval ROTC program. In 2002, he found a career in HFS as a residential life manager at Owen Hall. He progressed as a general manager of Owen Hall, Purdue Village and Hawkins Hall before coming to the director’s office in the summer of 2012 as associate director of administration.

In April 2013, Mike became director of administration. In this role, he manages all contracting and assignment processes, including anything related to new students, current residents and family housing. He and his staff oversee the new StarRez room assignment portal implemented in January 2014.

Mike loves working with great people in an environment that fosters teamwork. It gives him a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to know that together they have been able to achieve remarkable things. In addition, working in a college environment is energizing for him.

“There’s a cycle for the academic year,” he explains. “Constantly starting over again gives me a sense of renewal, which is a lot like my time in the Navy; Interacting with students and their parents is another important and rewarding part of the job."

Mike lives in rural Warren County in a farmhouse originally owned by John Purdue. In his free time, he is a scuba diver and a runner, and he enjoys marksmanship and other outdoor activities. He also stays engaged with the Naval ROTC program and is on the board of the Purdue Navy-Marine Corps Alumni League, the ROTC Hall of Fame Committee and several veteran organizations, such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.