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University Residences Contracts

University Residences welcomes you! We are here to support your growth and development and will make every effort to help you feel at home while you live with us. 

University Residences staff members want to help you succeed. We provide resources to help you get the most out of your on-campus experience. According to  FERPA guidelines and the statement recorded on University Residences' check-in form, involving parents in this educational process can also contribute to the overall success of students. 

Information and the University Residences' policies provided here will help you make informed choices while living here. You may access a copy of our housing contract for either the summer or academic year using the side bar navigation. Theses pages are copies only and are not legally binding. If you are interested in signing a contract, please visit our housing portal

The contract will provide you with details regarding eligibility, policies, the contract term and billing and fees. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with this document prior to signing. 

Housing Contract Appeals

The 2024-25 academic year Housing Contract Appeal form is currently under revisement and will be available once the 2024-25 academic year housing contract is uploaded.