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Summer Intern Housing


Intern Housing for summer 2024 is now full at Hawkins Hall. Due to demand, we have expanded Intern Housing, and are offering accommodations at Earhart HallClick here to apply for summer 2024 Intern Housing! 


All accommodations, dates, rates, and requirements of Intern Housing at Earhart Hall will be the same as they are are Hawkins Hall. 

Please refer to your email communication from internhousing@purdue.edu for your Intern Housing reservation information. 

University Residences at Purdue University offers affordable, comfortable, and convenient housing for summer interns at Hawkins Hall. Summer internship housing is available from May 19 - August 4, 2024. Housing must be booked from Sunday to Sunday, with a 30-night minimum stay. 


  • All rooms in Hawkins Hall are air-conditioned, fully furnished, and include Wi-Fi and cable television hookup.
  • All interns are provided a single bedroom, along with community-shared bathrooms. No single with a private bathroom is available.
  • There is an industrial kitchen within the residence hall, for which you will need your own cooking supplies. Refrigerators within the kitchen are available for short-term food storage for summer residents.
  • Hawkins Hall is located within walking distance of numerous shops and restaurants and is situated on the academic campus close to all main campus buildings.
  • Interns will have access to an exercise and workout facility, a 24-hour laundry facility, large lounge areas, a large main-floor kitchenette, and a 13th-floor lounge with a spectacular panoramic view of Purdue’s campus.

Meal Plan 

New for summer 2024, there will be 2 optional meal plans that any intern who is a part of the Intern Housing Program can purchase. Meal swipes can only be used at the open dining courts, Earhart and Ford, during their open dining hours (both dining courts will be closed on Memorial Day (May 27th) and July 4th). 

  • Optional meal plans available for purchase: 
    • 20 meal swipes for $240
    • 40 meal swipes for $480
  • Purchasing and repurchasing meal plans: 
    • Meal plans will need to be purchased or repurchased through the portal
    • Purchasing and repurchasing deadlines: 
      • 20 meal swipe plan is available for purchase or *repurchase up until July 25, 2024
      • 40 meal swipe plan is available for purchase up until July 15, 2024 
        • **40 meal plan is not available for repurchase after the initial purchase is made
  • Meal plans expire at the end of the Intern Housing season 
  • All sales of meal plans are final - refunds will not be offered for accidental purchases 


Each participant must meet the following requirements:

  • 18+ Years of Age
  • Enrolled in a Higher Education, Degree-Seeking Program
  • Enrolled in an internship at Purdue University or Greater Lafayette Area
  • Must abide by the guidelines of behavior for University Residences
  • Must abide by the 2024 Summer Intern Housing Agreement


Housing Pricing (Sunday-Sunday), the rate will NOT be pro-rated:

  • $200.00/week for current Purdue students
  • $250.00/week for non-Purdue students

Optional Meal Plan Pricing: 

  • $240 for 20 meal swipes 
  • $480 for 40 meal swipes  

Applying and Reserving Your Space

During the application process, the following documents will need to be uploaded:

  • Proof of enrollment in a degree-seeking program
  • Proof of employment with your internship
  • Completed departmental account transfer form (Department Pay Option Only)
A $75.00 non-refundable application fee is required and will automatically be charged through the application process.

Payment Options

Participants have the following options for payment:

  • Purdue Departmental Account Transfer Option
If the department with whom you are interning is paying for your housing, a departmental account transfer form will need to be completed. This form will be made available during the registration process. Please have the departmental account transfer document completed and signed by a departmental authority. The $75.00 application fee will be assessed through the departmental billing and account transfer, therefore will not need to be paid by the intern to reserve a space.
  • Self-Pay Option
Pay the full amount of your stay with a major credit card at the time of online registration. Debit cards will not be accepted. Registration is not complete until full payment has been received.


Application Deadline: Submission must be completed three weeks prior to arrival date. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Depending on demand, rooms may not be available into the summer. Once rooms are no longer available, this portal will be turned off. 

Arrival & Departure Information

  • Before completing a request, contact internhousing@purdue.edu regarding early arrival and late stay. If arriving prior to a Sunday check-in, the weekly rate is not prorated. Only full weeks are available, otherwise, space is not guaranteed.
  • Arrival can be at any time on Sunday, the main office of Hawkins is open 24/7.
  • Check-out on Sunday must be by noon.

Late Stays/Early Arrivals - Residents of University Residences

If you are a Purdue University student who is currently living in University Residences and/or will be living in University Residences in the fall, you may submit a late stay request and/or early arrival request. These requests can be made to accommodate you during the gap time frame between the end of the spring contract and the beginning of the summer term, as well as the gap of time between the end of the summer term and the beginning of the fall 2024 housing contract.

If you are planning to stay late until your internship contract begins, you will be responsible for paying $35/night. If you are planning to depart later than your internship contract, you will be responsible for paying $35/night. Both of these options will be assessed through your MyPurdue account.

Spring 2024 late stay requests will need to be coordinated with the hall clerk of your current residence hall. Fall 2024 early arrival requests must be coordinated with the hall clerk of your future residence hall.