Upcoming Executives-in-Residence

Spring 2018

Nancy Quan Nancy Quan, Chief Technical Officer, Coca-Cola North America and Vice President of the Coca-Cola Company

Postponed - TBD

BS Food Chemistry & Nutrition (Purdue University)

Graduating from Purdue University in 1989, Nancy Quan has been named a leader among the Top 40 Women in Innovation. Having begun her journey with Mars Incorporated, where she worked with Research & Development, Business Development, and Manufacturing, Nancy is now a Chief Technical Officer and Vice President at the Coca-Cola Company. With experiences in Commercialization; Quality, Safety and Environment; and Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, she has expert advice and stories to share through her work with the company both in the United States and abroad.

TOPIC AREAS: International Business Development, Global Innovation Technology, Advocacy, Manufacturing, Environmentalism & Sustainability, Women’s Leadership, Multiculturalism

Beth Bostwick Beth Bostwick, Advisor of Women Startup Lab and Co-Founder/CEO of SafeTeller & ReadyTouch

February 8-14, 2018

MBA (Purdue University)

Upon graduating from Purdue University, Beth Bostwick has leveraged company experience acquired earlier in her career from GE, Citibank, Monsanto and Genetech to her startup experience in Silicon Valley. She currently advises several women founders of technology businesses and is passionate about enabling women to be successful in the startup world. She writes extensively about the world in which women live and work to help them move beyond what they think they can do.

TOPIC AREAS: Entrepreneurship, Business Advising, Change Management, Business Development, Women’s Leadership, Writing

Lesley Sarkesian Lesley Sarkesian, CEO of Sarkesian Ventures, LLC and Founder of Chaos Cocktails

Postponed - TBD

BS Communication (Purdue University)

Graduating from Purdue University in 1979, Lesley Sarkesian helps companies outsmart the ordinary to re-imagine, recreate, and redefine business to generate competitive advantage. She is a strategic and tactical global leader with years of experience providing credibility, expertise and insight that clients depend on from the first conversation to delivering on an engagement. These attributes complement her contagious entrepreneurial, innovative and modern mindset. It is Lelsey’s passion and privilege to serve, inspire and lead transformation at the forefront with some of the world's most respected companies.

TOPIC AREAS: Entrepreneurship, International Sales, Marketing, Product & Brand Development, Investor Relations