Compensation and Benefits


The faculty member is provided a furnished apartment, including utilities, basic cable service, Ethernet, and local phone service. (The annual estimated value for room and board is $10,000.) 

Meal Plan

A 20 meal plan will be allocated for the Faculty-in-Residence position. Additional meal plans for partners and children can be purchased by the Faculty-in-Residence through Purdue Dining & Culinary. 

Parking Pass

A parking pass will be provided. Any additional parking passes will be the responsibility of the Faculty-in-Residence. A visitor’s parking pass is available from Smalley Center.


Since the faculty member will be living in an on-campus residence facility with students, an FBI background check will be required (and paid for) by University Residences. This will also be required for any spouse, partner, or other immediate family living in the space. Any guests residing in the apartment for longer than 3 days or at any point living in the apartment without the presence of the Faculty-in-Residence will also require a background check.

Domestic Partners

University Residences welcomes spouses/partners of our Faculty-in-Residence and encourages them to participate in the programs and community.


University Residences does allow a Faculty-in-Residence to own pets. The guidelines for having a pet are outlined in the pets policy. Please request a copy of the pet policy at the time of hire or 2 weeks before moving a pet into the apartment.

Programming Funds

At the beginning of each academic year the Faculty-in-Residence will work with their Residence Education Coordinator to identify budgetary needs for the programs planned for the community. These funds can be accessed by utilizing a credit card for the residence hall that is housed at the front desk.

Office Space & Support

Office space may be provided if available in the residence hall.  This would include all furnishings. Computer and technical needs may be provided upon request. In addition to space, there are clerical staff who can provide support for the Faculty-in-Residence’s schedule, budget paperwork, or other administrative responsibilities that pertain to the Faculty-in-Residence position.