University Residences Parent Advisory Council

URPAC LogoWe know that today's college students are goal-oriented, have high expectations for themselves, and have even higher expectations of their educators and administrators. They also value a strong relationship with family members and friends. This has brought a new and exciting dynamic to our campus and to our responsibilities as educators and administrators.

Along with this new generation of students comes a new generation of parents, who want to be involved with their students’ lives as they continue their education. University Residences has embraced the energy and talent these parents bring to our campus, and we encourage you to involve yourself in campus happenings with other parents.

Our goal is to provide a venue for you to network with other parents experiencing the same things as you are. We also want your input to help us to continue to provide the highest quality of services possible to your student. We know that parents of today’s college students want information, but we need your feedback to ensure you are receiving the right information.

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Interested in becoming involved with Purdue University Residences? Apply for a position on the University Residences Parent Advisory Council. Our current parent council has 12 members, and with additional members the council will strive to meet the objectives below.

Principle Mission

The members of the University Residences Parent Advisory Council (URPAC) for Purdue's University Residences provide volunteer leadership for parent engagement and cultivation activities.


The Parent Advisory Council shall consist of 12 members and will be invited to serve at the discretion of the University Residences director. Candidates will be selected based on their ability and willingness to provide leadership and necessary linkages with other alumni and friends who are able to engage in leadership and support to the University Residences.


Advise the University Residences (UR) director and other UR administrators about strategic issues facing the department.
  • Serve on committees as requested to address activities in University Residences.
  • Act as an advocate for UR programs and, as appropriate, serve as a leader for the department and/or the division's overall objectives.
  • Assist in the identification, recruitment, and participation of other key volunteers.
  • As requested, provide feedback on marketing and communications materials.
  • Attend two URPAC meetings per year and, when appropriate, other events sponsored by University Residences (UR).
  • Support the Purdue Parent Fund by giving a minimum gift of $25.
  • Encouraged participation on Parent & Family Volunteer Network.