Auxiliary Housing Frequently Asked Questions...

Where will I be living?

Short-TermTransitional Residence
Auxiliary Housing Categories and Information
Location Union Club Hotel Converted Space in Residence Hall and designated space at Purdue Village Apartments
Expected Length
of Stay
5-15 days 1-2 months
Style of Housing Double Occupancy Hotel Room Various Arrangements
Moving Assistance
Meal Plan YES YES
Resident  Assistant 
Academic and Community 
BGR Eligible YES YES
(room only/semester)
$1,223 $1,223

About Auxiliary Housing

University Residences Housing Contract Process

View list of New Resident Contract frequently asked questions on the New Resident Contract website.

How long will I be in Auxiliary Housing?

Assignments are made on a continuing basis as openings occur.  Some students will be assigned prior to classes starting, others will be made later throughout the semester.  In all cases, students will be assigned by the end of the semester at the very latest.  Please see the chart above for more exact estimates on times based on type of assignment.

What is the rate?

The rate for Auxiliary housing is the lowest on campus rate available.  This is equal to the small double rate of $1223/semester (housing only. Meal plan is separate).  Once you are moved to your new residence, you will be charged the pro-rated amount for that room for the number of nights you will live there this semester.

Will I have a roommate?

It will depend on the room you are assigned to.  Some Auxiliary spaces are singles, others are double or triple occupancy.  There are some spaces that can accommodate up to ten students.

How much space will I have?

You can expect to have about the same amount of space that you would in a standard residence hall room. 

Can I stay in auxiliary housing for the year?

It is expected that all students will be moved no later than the start of Spring semester. 

Can I request a roommate in auxiliary housing?

Requests can be made, but it is not guaranteed for room assignments to be made together.

Can I cancel my housing contract?

It should be understood that the student is expected to fulfill the terms of the University Residences contract for the entire academic year if in attendance at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus. No consideration for termination of the contract will be made so that a student can accept residence in a private home, apartment, sorority/fraternity, cooperative housing or any other residence at any time during the academic year.

What furniture will be provided?

Every student will be provided a single bed, desk or table, dresser, and/or closet/wardrobe.

Can I pick which hall/room I will move into for permanent housing?

Hall and roommate preferences submitted during your contracting period will still be considered when final assignments are made, but specific halls cannot be guaranteed. If your hall and/or roommate preferences change after arrival to campus, you may contact the Housing Transition Coordinator to update your preferences. The priority is to move each student to a permanent room as quickly as possible.

Will I have the option to pick a different hall if I am not happy with the room I am assigned to?

No. All students are expected to move to their permanent room within 5 business days of assignment.  Hall Transfer requests may be made at Spring Semester if desired.

Will I have an RA?

Yes.  All room assignments will have an RA assigned to them.  You will have a new RA once you are moved.

Will someone help me move out of Auxiliary housing?

Yes.  You will be notified by the Housing Transition Coordinator of your assignment the same day it is made.  You will have 5 business days to schedule moving assistance and complete your move to your new room assignment.  It will be your responsibility to pack your personal items and be prepared for the assistance when it arrives at your scheduled moving time.

Do I have the option to move myself or have my parents come help me move?

Yes. If you would prefer to move yourself with your parents’ help, you are welcome to do so at your convenience as long as your move can be completed by the end of the fifth business day noted in your assignment notification.

How many bedrooms are there in the Purdue Village apartments?

The Purdue Village apartments are 1-bedroom and triple occupancy.

Will I have a meal plan if I have a kitchen?

Yes.  You will still be required to choose a meal plan if you are assigned to a room with a kitchen.