Get ReConnected - January 2021


January 2021

Alumni Profile

Shriver Reflects on RA Experience, Applications in Career

As a resident assistant and, now, as a registered nurse, Lexi Shriver has helped individuals focus on fulfilling their potential. 

“I like to see long-term growth,” says Shriver. “I’m realizing in my nursing career that I like to see from point A to point B. I like to see the potential and then pull it through. I liked to help my residents and now, my patients, see that in themselves, help them get where they want to be and help them see what they can be. I’m a big fan of seeing that growth and I think the process is much more fun than the destination.”

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Staff Profile

Roudebush Works to Improve University Residences Experience

During a typical year, development officers are typically out on the road meeting with alumni and friends of University Residences and Dining & Culinary to seek support for the many high impact programs available to students. That hasn’t been the case over the last 10 months, but Danielle Roudebush, director of development for Student Life – Teaching and Learning, has been working to create connections in other ways to ensure the success of University Residences and Dining & Culinary programs.

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In Memoriam

Dining & Culinary Mourns Loss of Amanda Adams

Purdue Dining & Culinary mourns the loss of Amanda Adams, a leader in the department who passed away following a battle with cancer at the age of 42.

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