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Frequently Asked Questions

Purdue University Residences is committed to the health, safety and welfare of every member of its community. We are working hard to offer the safest experience we can. Below are some FAQs around housing and dining this fall. Please continue to monitor this page as well as the Protect Purdue website for the most current information. We look forward to welcoming you back and can't wait to see you in August!    

  • Housing FAQs


    Who can help me move-in?

    NEW Students may bring a maximum of TWO guests to accompany them for move-in and everyone must wear a mask. If you bring more than two people, your additional guests will be asked to wait in the car until you have completed move-in. We understand many want to make this a family affair by brining siblings, significant others, etc. However, we want to keep our students, families and staff as safe as possible, so while limiting the number of guests at move-in is not ideal, it is necessary to help limit the exposure. Please note: children under the age of 12 may not be left unaccompanied.   

    Please Note: Guests of new student MUST have their temperature checked at the CoRec gyms (or PUFD after hours) move-in location in order to gain access to your residence hall.

    RETURNING Students - Please remember that off-campus guests are not allowed on resident floors or in residential apartments as you return from Winter Break. This is for the health and safety of all students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    What is the guest policy for residents in University Residences?
    This year, our guest policy allows each resident to have one Purdue student guest in their room only. Guests are limited to West Lafayette  Purdue students and roommates must agree on any visitors to their room. To view University Residences full policies and guidelines, click here. For more information on what the University is doing to Protect Purdue, please  visit the Protect Purdue website here.
    What does “de-densification” mean?

    We have converted some of our spaces in several halls to accommodate for safe social distancing. The majority of these spaces are located in Cary South, Hawkins Hall and Meredith Hall. Some rooms in these locations have been converted to single room occupancy. There are also a few rooms in Honors College and Residences, Windsor Halls, Hawkins Hall, Tarkington Hall, Owen Hall and Wiley Hall that have been converted from either a triple to a double room or a quad to a triple room.

    My room was not converted to a de-densified space. What are the safe social distancing guidelines for these spaces?

    Rooms that can accommodate a 6-foot radius per occupant or 10 feet head to head space were not de-densified. However, the furniture in these spaces has been placed purposely to allow for maximum social distancing and may not be moved around.

    How will common spaces be de-densified?

    Common spaces inside the residence halls will safely allow for social distancing by having chairs 6 feet apart from each other and reducing the number of spaces at a table to one person.

    Why am I being assigned a bathroom?

    Over the last month, we have learned a lot about COVID-19 and how it interacts in the residence hall environment. We have been working closely with the Protect Purdue Health Center (PPHC) to provide you with the safest and healthiest campus home possible. In accordance with what we have learned and at the recommendation of the PPHC, residents will be assigned bathrooms for the rest of the semester. By assigning bathrooms, we can help minimize spread by limiting access to high contact areas to smaller groups of people. You will receive your bathroom assignment from your resident assistant by the end of Friday, September 18. We encourage you to contact your resident assistant if you have any questions or concerns.

    Will the furniture in my room need to stay in place or can I reconfigure it? 

    In order to maintain safe social distancing in our residential spaces, the furniture needs to stay where it is upon moving into your room. The configuration of the furniture meets the safe social distancing standard.  Some rooms that have been de-densified to achieve appropriate social distancing (i.e. a small double room that has been converted into a single room) may still have secondary furniture in them despite not being assigned to a student. The resident is responsible for keeping this furniture in their residential room.

    Can I still rent a loft for my room?

    Yes. Once housing assignments go out in mid-July you will be able to rent a loft from You may also rent a micro-fridge and/or purchase a futon as well. Prices are listed on at 

    Will there be temporary housing this year?

    No. All residents will receive their permanent hall assignment during the summer.

    I have opted-in to the online fall  courses  but I already have a signed housing contract. Can I cancel my contract?

    Yes. If you will not be on campus this fall, you may cancel your housing contract by contacting the housing assignments office at 765.494.1000 or email Please include the reason you need to cancel and your PUID number.

    If I have opted-in to the online fall courses, can I live in University Residences?

    No. All students who opt-in to the online fall courses cannot live in University Residences in order to keep density down on campus. RAs who opt-in online will also not be eligible for fall semester housing.

    If I am not attending campus for the fall semester, can I still live in University Residences for the spring semester?

    We cannot guarantee housing for any student who will not be living in University Residences for the Fall 2020 semester. However, we still encourage you to apply for housing when the spring contract portal opens on October 1, 2020.

    I was accepted into a learning community in a hall that is being de-densified. Where will my learning community be moving to?

    Our Learning Communities team is currently working to relocate our learning communities that are located in halls that have been de-densified (ie. Meredith Hall and Hawkins Hall). Communication will come from the Learning Communities team in the coming weeks.

    How will dining work this year?

    Dining will look a bit different this year than in previous years. At the start of the Fall 2020 semester, our dining courts will only be serving take-out options with no indoor seating available. As the semester progresses, the dining courts will slowly open up to allow for indoor seating and more relaxed serving practices. Each facility will have 3-5 dining options for each mealtime, which includes an entrée, drink, side, fruit/vegetable and a dessert. We will also still have On-The-Go options at several locations around campus.

    Can I use my dining meal swipes at retail locations?

    Yes. You will also be able to use your meal swipes and Dining Dollars at several of our retail locations on campus.

    I have dietary needs. Will I be able to utilize the dining courts?

    Yes, our dining team will still be accommodating all dietary needs and restrictions. Please contact our dining nutritionist at .

    My requested roommate has decided to opt-in to the remote classes for the fall semester. Does this mean I get my room all to myself? If not, can I still request a new roommate?

    If your requested roommate will not be on-campus for the fall semester, you will receive another roommate placement. You may still request a new roommate by contacting our housing assignments office at . Both students must submit the request, including their PUID numbers in the communication. However, at this time, we cannot guarantee you will be placed with your requested roommate.

    Will there be dedicated spaces for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and needs to be in isolation?
    Yes. We have several dedicated spaces within University Residences where students who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to move to for quarantine or isolation purposes. Students will be required to stay in this space until released by Purdue medical personnel. They will have access to a semi-private bathroom, an in-apartment washer and dryer and meal delivery.
    I am Currently in Isolation Housing. May I receive deliveries?

    Yes. Students in isolation housing may have items delivered to them and may work with vendors, family or friends to have items left outside their door. Individuals wishing to drop-off items must contact the student in advance to inform them about the delivery. All individuals dropping off items must do so outside the student's door while wearing a mask to ensure no person-to-person contact is made with the student in isolation to maintain safety.

    Students in isolation must wear proper protective equipment when opening the door to receive any deliveries, making sure that no one else is present, retrieve the item, and then shut the door. Students will receive their exact address for any deliveries during the initial interaction with university staff.

    Please Note: USPS mail must not be used for isolation housing. Vendors like Amazon, GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, Instacart and Shipt can be used as long as there is no person-to-person contact and delivery signatures are not allowed. Existing mail sent to your permeant address will not be rerouted. Students are responsible for receiving any deliveries after vacating the space.

    How are room transfers working? Can I change my room?
    For the safety of students and at the request of the Protect Purdue Health Center, University Residences will no longer be able to accommodate room change requests after Labor Day. If necessary, students can request a room change at the end of the semester. In order for a room change to be accommodated at the end of the semester, students must move their belongings before leaving campus to allow facilities crews to deep clean their space. To initiate a room change request, please contact your hall main office.
    How are you going to guarantee housing for everyone with the reduction of rooms due to de-densification?
    We are working on a case-by-case basis as people choose the online cohort and we anticipate being able to house all those who met the June 5 deadline housing contract deadline.
    According to University Residences policies, there may only be one microwave and mini-fridge per room. In order to help with safety, may each roommate bring their own microwave and/or mini-fridge?
    Residents must use electrical appliances responsibly and not overload the circuit for their room.
    When will I receive more information about return to campus testing for Spring 2021 semester?
    To view the University’s plans for testing prior to students’ return for Spring 2021 semester, click here.
    What is the move-in process for the Spring 2021 semester?
    Similar to the fall move-in, residents will need to select a move-in date and time on the move-in scheduling site. You should plan to arrive at the CoRec (north entrance) during your selected move-in time. Check-in will be in gyms 4-6. Should something happen and you are unable to arrive during your scheduled time, you may arrive at the CoRec during the scheduled times listed below and request to check-in. 
    • January 11 – 18: CoRec opens at 8 a.m. and closes at midnight. 
    • January 19 – 20: CoRec opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m. ( Please note: there are no move-in times to be scheduled on these days but we will be open in the event someone cannot arrive prior to the start of classes.)
    • After hours arrivals: If you arrive between midnight and 8 a.m., you MUST report to the Purdue University Fire Department, 1250 W. Third St., West Lafayette, IN, for the move-in process.

    Please continue to monitor the Protect Purdue website for any additional updates and the latest information.