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What We Are Doing to Protect Our Communities

University Residences is working hard to prepare safe environments to Protect Our Community for our new and returning residents. Here are just a few things we are doing:

Move-in Preparations: 

  • All spaces are cleaned and disinfected in preparation for fall move-in.
  • During move-in, high touch surfaces such as door handles, elevator buttons and moving carts will be disinfected on a frequent basis.

Increased disinfecting procedures will occur as part of our daily building care:

  • Shared floor bathrooms will receive care twice a day, every day.
  • Scheduled evening and weekend shifts will augment and enhance building care.
  • High touch point and public area surfaces will be disinfected at least twice daily.

We will support personal healthy behaviors:

  • Each restroom is equipped with hot water and soap for handwashing. Hand sanitation stations will be available inside every main entrance and in elevator lobbies. Surface wipes will also be available for student use.
  • Additional trash and recycling receptacles will be provided throughout the building and exterior where appropriate.

HVAC and Water systems:

  • Purdue Physical Facilities team will verify HVAC air volume and filter upgrades to a higher MERV standard for campus buildings and increase filter change frequencies.
  • Directional signage will be installed according to REM recommendations.
  • Water flushing both hot and cold water systems will be completed prior to move-in. All water filters will be changed and all ice machines and water softeners will be cycled.

Room Re-Configuration Overview

In the vast majority of rooms, there have been no changes made to furniture and lofts are available for ordering as normal. However, some rooms and apartments require reconfiguration of furniture to achieve social distancing between sleeping heads (10 feet) and desks (six feet).

In standard room set ups, roommates should choose opposite ends of the bed for their heads to achieve 10 foot distancing.

There is an element of shared adaptation that is required to achieve social distancing, notably leaving furniture in de-densified rooms and certain room and apartment assignments complying with unconventional furniture situations.

The biggest situations where adaptations will be required are Hilltop and Purdue Village undergraduate apartments and Cary South small doubles. At Hilltop and Purdue Village, beds are spaced in bedroom AND living room areas. At Cary South most small doubles remain with both beds lofted.

To learn more about the steps that Purdue is taking to protect the Purdue community, visit the Protect Purdue webpage .