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ResNet Setup Instructions

Contact ResNet

Once your connection is working:

  • Have IT-related questions? Visit Purdue’s knowledge base at www.purdue.edu/goldanswers. GoldAnswers
  • NOTE: ITaP does not recommend purchasing a router for your room. The PAL3.0 Wireless network is available in all residence hall rooms and an additional wireless network could cause interference and performance issues with the network. If you must bring a router with you, you will be required to disable the wireless signal.  ResNet is able to provide limited router support, but will not be able to help you broadcast a wireless signal from your router. You can call them at 765-494-2200.
  • For help setting up a game console (Xbox, Wii, etc) with a router, refer to this page : How to Connect Game Console to ResNet
  • To connect a PlayStation3 or Wii without a router, use their respective Internet browsers and register on the ResNet registration page that comes up.

Basic Setup

What do I need?

  • Most devices you wish to use should have a network connectivity option (WIFI).
  • An Ethernet cable, if you choose to hard wire computers or devices (gaming).
    • If your laptop does not have an Ethernet port (MacBook Air, some PC’s), you can purchase a USB to Ethernet adaptor online, at Best Buy, etc…
  • A router (not recommended)
    • If you want to connect multiple devices via a wired connection to ResNet, purchasing a router is needed to hard wire multiple devices. Note: A simple switch or hub will not work.  Note: The router should NEVER distribute a wireless signal.  It interferes with the existing WIFI.

How do I connect?

  • Go to the Network Connectivity (WIFI) on your device.
  • Search and connect to PAL3.0 (guests get free WIFI through ‘attwifi’)
  • Enter in your user name/career account and password (first login only. It will automatically connect in the future).


  • Insert the Ethernet cable into your computer’s Ethernet port.
  • Insert the other end of the cable into an Ethernet jack in the wall. They are typically located near the ceiling.
  • Turn on your computer if it’s not already on.
  • Enter in your user name/career account and password (first login only. It will automatically connect in the future).


I’ve have not been able to connect wirelessly to PAL3.0. What should I do?  Call ResNet at 765-494-2200.

I’ve plugged my Ethernet cable into my computer and into the wall, but my internet connection still doesn’t work.  What should I do?

  • Clear your web browser’s history, cache, and cookies. 
    • IE: Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete
    • Firefox: Tools > Clear Recent History
    • Safari: Safari Menu > Empty Cache
    • Chrome: Tools > Clear Browsing data
    • If you still can’t connect, call ResNet at 765-494-2200 (42200 from any university phone).