April 2018

  Bannon Helps Class of 2018 Leave Legacy

Jen Bannon (fourth from right) and National Residence Hall Honorary members at the National Association of College and University Residence Halls conference hosted by Purdue in 2017.

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Bannon Helps Class of 2018 Leave Legacy

Many students come to college seeking to leave an impact that can be felt long after they graduate. 

Since the fall of 2014, Jen Bannon, associate director of Residence Life, has witnessed the journey the Class of 2018 has taken in trying to leave a legacy at Purdue. Their dedication, Bannon says, is something she will always remember about this year’s graduating class. 

“I think this class’ legacy is eternal commitment,” says Bannon. “When I think of the seniors who are graduating, they have been some of the most committed student leaders that I have ever worked with.”

A commitment to focusing on Residence Life organizations provided a catalyst for the Class of 2018 to make its mark. Bannon has provided guidance in a renewed commitment to developing student leaders through organizations such as the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). From increasing exposure in regional and national Residence Life organizations for individual members, to hosting the National Association of College and University Residence Halls conference in 2017 and increasing the visibility of hall organizations on campus, this year’s class was a catalyst for positive change in Residence Life.

“The students were committed to giving themselves a space on campus and making it so their name was recognizable,” says Bannon. “They did all these things over the last four years to make that true.” 

Building relationships with students cultivated a culture of inclusion. Whether it was communicating with students through group messages, wishing a student luck on an exam, baking for students or opening up about her own life and bringing her dog, Aspen, to events, Bannon worked to foster a spirit of community with students. 

“We worked really hard to build those relationships with the students and challenge them,” says Bannon. “They stuck around because they felt connected and they felt excited about what we were doing.” 

This class’ most ambitious undertaking and accomplishment was hosting the NACURH 2017 Conference. The conference saw thousands of students from across the country descend on Purdue’s campus for a weekend of leadership development, programming and activities. The student committee put in thousands of hours of preparation for the conference, ranging from coordinating activities to volunteer work. 

One of Bannon’s fondest memories of the conference came in the presentation of Purdue’s roll call, which serves as an introduction of the delegation to the rest of the event’s attendees. Purdue’s participants had worked on a routine for the five months leading up to the conference, which involved the students rising onto the stage in Elliott Hall of Music. Unfortunately, when it came time to perform, the stage didn’t rise. 

“Just the sheer look on everyone’s faces was hilarious,” says Bannon. “The look said ‘shoot, we’re going to get stuck down here.’”

The stage eventually did rise and the students were able to kick off the conference with their performance set to “Space Jam,” complete with fog machine. As epic an undertaking as hosting the conference was, it’s the ownership of day-to-day challenges that Bannon reflects on with pride when she thinks of the Class of 2018.

“I get the most proud of them when I give them a huge push or challenge and they accomplish it at an even higher level than what I thought they were going to,” says Bannon. 

As the Class of 2018 prepares to walk across the stage of Elliott Music Hall, Bannon says she will cherish the memories of the last four years. 

“It’s emotional after you’ve been with people for four years,” says Bannon. “I think they’re all excited to see what my reaction will be on Sunday. Seeing this group leave is heartbreaking.”

Writer: Matt Vader

  Standout Students, Staff Honored at Awards Banquet

Student and Staff Success Profile

Standout Students, Staff Honored at Awards Banquet 

University Residences' rich history of recognizing achievement continued as the department announced its award-winners for the 2017-18 academic year at the End of Year Awards Banquet.

Awards and honors were presented to individuals who have made positive contributions to the residence hall community. The awards provide recognition for hard work, leadership, advocacy and creativity. The awards process is overseen by Residential Life, the Boilermaker Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary and the Residence Hall Association. 

Honorees were presented with plaques in a ceremony in Purdue Memorial Union. 

The Spotlight of the Year Award is presented to a non-student service staff member, office staff member, group or separate entity who has been instrumental in developing community or pride within their residence. This year’s winner is:

  • Shreve Hall Service Staff

The Hall Club Officer of the Year Award recognizes a University Residences hall club officer who has been instrumental in developing community or pride within their residence. This year’s honoree is:

  • Kate Carpenter, First Street Towers

The Hall Club Advisor of the Year award honors the advisory who has most positively impacted their residents, provided guidance and wisdom and who has been an integral part of the year. This year’s recipient is:

  • Brian Kocher, residence education coordinator, Hilltop Apartments

The Hall Club Program of the Year Award is bestowed upon the most outstanding housing club program within University Residences, taking into account the club’s high level of initiative, creativity and professionalism. This year’s winning club is:

  • “Spread the Love,” - Honors College Residential Society

The Hall Community of the Year Award recognizes the most outstanding floor or apartment unit/building that fostered a high level of inclusion in the community and excelled in resident involvement over the course of the year. This year’s recipient is:

  • Hilltop Building 28

The Track Event of the Year Award recognizes a Track Initiative of the Year that has helped students succeed in their time residing on campus as they work toward achieving one or more areas of University Residences’ departmental educational priority. This year’s recognition is awarded to:

  • Emotional IQ

The University Residence of the Year Award is presented to the most outstanding University Residence, taking in all aspects of the residence hall experience. This year’s outstanding residence is: 

  • Tarkington Hall

The REA of the Year Award recognizes a Residence Education Assistant who has positively impacted their residences, provided guidance and wisdom and has been an integral part of the university residence’s successful year. This year’s winner is:

  • Haley Baker, Purdue Village

The Student Staff Member of the Year Award s bestowed upon the student staff member who has most positively impacted their students, been an integral part of the residential community and supported the educational priority of Residential Life. This year’s honoree is:

  • Mark Bufanio, resident assistant, Tarkington Hall

The Robert L. Page Outstanding Leadership Award recognizes the importance of contributions of University Residences club or council presidents/governors to the residence hall community. The award-winner is chosen to reflect the qualities of Dr. Page, who was an outstanding leader who believed strongly in the professional and leadership development of students. This year’s recipient is:

  • Cassie Flener

The Self-Authorship of the Year, Intellectual Curiosity of the Year and Connection of the Year awards recognize the efforts of professional staff and students in their abilities to exemplify the three learning goals within the educational priority of University Residences. There are two available awards in each area – one for students that live/work in University Residences and one for professional staff. This year’s honorees are:

  • Student Self-Authorship of the Year: Sidney Harris, residence education assistant, Meredith Hall
  • Professional Staff Self-Authorship of the Year: Kathryn Evans, residence learning and neighborhood coordinator, McCutcheon Hall
  • Student Intellectual Curiosity of the Year: Yahia Aly, resident assistant, Earhart Hall
  • Professional Staff Intellectual Curiosity of the Year: Grant McCormack, residence education coordinator, Tarkington Hall
  • Student Connection of the Year: Cooper Burleson, resident assistant, Shreve Hall
  • Professional Staff Connection of the Year: Jared Morris, residence education coordinator, Wiley Hall

University Residences congratulates all award-winners for their outstanding contributions during another successful year.  

Writer: Matt Vader

  Resident Assistants Awarded RAISE Scholarships

Student Success Profile

Resident Assistants Awarded RAISE Scholarships

The RAISE Fund was established in 2006 to help University Residences offer free tuition on behalf of its nearly 300 resident assistants annually. UR alumni have founded and endowed several resident assistantships for specific halls as part of the RAISE Fund, recognizing outstanding RAs for their contributions to their residential communities. The 2018 RAISE scholarship winners are listed below.

James Burwell Memorial Resident Assistantship
Sterling Hay, Cary Quad 

Drew Soltis Resident Assistantship
Justin Ward, Cary Quad

Edward G. Siebert Resident Assistantship
Kevin Davis, Cary Quad

George Golden Resident Assistantship
Michael Coots, Purdue Polytechnic

William I. Bennett Resident Assistantship
Richard Lee Li, First Street Towers

John Sautter Resident Assistantship
Daniel Krolopp, Harrison Hall

Patrick McLaughlin Resident Assistantship
Amber Secrest, Wiley Hall

Sarah Puls Resident Assistantship
Chloe Brengman, Shreve Hall

Tarkington Golden Anniversary Resident Assistantship
Himank Kothari, Tarkington Hall

Wiley Golden Anniversary Resident Assistantship
Himanish Khandpur, Wiley Hall

Elizabeth Ford Siebert Resident Assistantship
Hallie Tepperman, Windsor Hall

Elizabeth Berry Schatzlein Resident Assistantship
Sarah Burmesch, Windsor Hall

William and Barbara Rakosnik Resident Assistantship
Thomas Wadelton, Third Street Suites

Denton Sederquist Resident Assistantship – Wiley Residence Hall
Sarah Pitts, Wiley Hall

Denton Sederquist Resident Assistantship – Cary Quad Residence Hall
Sheriff Almakki, Cary Quad

Robert and Joan Lohrey Resident Assistantship
Chan You Yeow, Owen Hall

Writer: Matt Vader

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