Residential Life

Educational Priority

Students will engage with learning centered environments that promote self-authorship, connection, and intellectual curiosity.

Residential Life Learning Goals


Self-authorship describes the personal growth that occurs in students as they begin to understand themselves and their values. This continual growth toward self-discovery and understanding enables them to find the freedom to express themselves openly within University Residences, Purdue University and global society. Students will examine their decision-making processes, beliefs and the views of others through reflection and conversations with peers, resulting in the ability to articulate their story.


Students will develop a sense of belonging by living in University Residences and by experiencing and participating in inclusive excellence. Through intentional relationships with peers, staff and faculty, students will create lasting relationships, recognize the value they and others bring to the University community and reflect on the impact their college experience has and will continue to have on their life.

Intellectual Curiosity

Students will experience an academic environment where taking risks and challenging the norm are encouraged where they live. Engaging with faculty and staff about their learning in the classroom and how it impacts the world they live in will be commonplace. As they progress in their major, get involved on campus, and explore new experiences on their own, they will cultivate a life-long learner mindset that allows them to actively engage with their field of study and the world around them.