Photo of students at the Jay Severson Student Leadership Retreat

University Residences Leadership Conferences

University Residences is committed to the growth and development of our residence hall student leaders. Beyond the conversations and relationships that professional staff build with student leaders, we also take the time to formalize leadership development opportunities to encourage networking, reflection, learning and teaching. Each year, University Residences hosts two unique leadership conferences, the Jay Severson Student Leadership Retreat and the Spring Leadership Institute.

Jay Severson Student Leadership Retreat

The Jay Severson Student Leadership Retreat is an annual leadership conference held during the Fall Semester. Named for a former staff member at Purdue that was tragically murdered during his time as a staff member, the retreat embodies the person that was Jay Severson; development, collaboration and pride in being a Boilermaker.

Severson is a one day off-campus retreat and is open to members of Residence Hall Clubs. Throughout the event, we do development sessions, philanthropy, encourage cross club collaboration and give space for students leaders to mingle and have fun in a low-stress atmosphere away from campus.

Spring Leadership Institute

The Spring Leadership Institute (SLI) is a fairly new leadership initiative within University Residences. Each spring, 100 student leaders are nominated by their UR professional staff for an off-campus overnight, immersive, intensive leadership experience. One of the central tenants of SLI is mentorship with alumni of University Residences. Each year, we invite 8-10 former University Residences student leaders that have graduated Purdue to attend SLI with us. They are put in mentorship groups which have specific reflection times, do a philanthropy project together and share how student leadership within UR prepared them for their careers and life outside of the University.

Want to learn more about these leadership conference? Talk with your Residence Education Coordinator, your residence hall club or email for more information.