Fall 2022

art-norrins-b.jpg Art Norins, FOUNDER, CHAIRMAN, CEO AT RS11 Inc. 

September 28-30, 2022

BS, Industrial Engineering (Purdue University)

From the start, Art has always dreamt of the next big thing while leading others to create it together.

Ever the consummate learner and a builder driven by his deep care about the planet and its inhabitants, Art has evolved from a “corn-fed kid from Indiana" selling Twinkies in grade school to running a large landscaping business in high school—into a proven, world-class, visionary serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Art is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of RS11 Inc., a venture-backed startup that is democratizing Big Data/AI to turbocharge micro (sole proprietors), small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).  As a technology platform enabling 1 + 1 = 11, RS11 seeks to unlock the power of community with data and to put wind in the sails of millions of MSMEs globally through a press of the “Digital Transformation Easy Button.”  Currently, an easy-to-use “Coach/MBA in the pocket” application provides powerful business intelligence to the hotel industry, soon every business across all industries will know their business value and how to increase it.  In order to create a “World of 11”, 11% of profits go towards investing in quality early childhood development and education with the RS11 Foundation.

Art’s previous venture Nor1 Inc., an innovative business intelligence analytics company, was recently acquired by Oracle. He took Nor1 from idea to reality; a global footprint with headquarters in Silicon Valley, offices in Asia/Australia/Europe, and international clients in 70+ countries.

Art’s extensive travel across 100+ countries spanning six continents has given him a truly global perspective and connection to our common humanity.  He is engaged in numerous philanthropic initiatives including work in Sub-Saharan Africa.  He serves on Purdue University's Strategic Alliance Council and the Indiana Institute of Global Health Board to name a few.  He is an avid mentor and angel investor.  Art is a patent holder and earned an Engineering degree from Purdue University.

TOPIC AREAS: Industrial Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Global Health, Investment

claytonbrizendinethumb.jpg Clayton Brizendine, MARKETING AND NONPROFIT EXECUTIVE AND COACH

October 19-26, 2022

BS ’00, Industrial Management (Purdue University)

Clay brings a unique perspective to those who engage with him, having spent time in the corporate world, the nonprofit world, and the solo-business world. Working in marketing and IT at Procter & Gamble for 13 years across businesses like Pampers, Bounty, and Pantene, and in sales at Catalina Marketing for 9 years against some of the largest goods and food companies in the world, has cemented his industry expertise. His time with nonprofits and running his own small business for 9+ years has enabled him to see problems and solutions in different ways as well. His focus on the individual person has led him to train, coach, and mentor in various ways for the last 14 years. Originally from the Louisville, KY area and a graduate of Purdue University, he currently resides in Cincinnati, OH with his wife and three daughters.

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TOPIC AREAS: Marketing, Information Technology, Industry, Nonprofits, Small Business, Leadership Coaching