Get ReConnected - December 2021


December 2021

Staff Feature

Alumni & Guest Center a Place for Boilermakers to Connect

No matter the group or occasion, the root of the University Residences Alumni & Guest Center's (URGC) mission is to be a place for connecting Boilermakers in all stages of their Purdue experience. Jennifer Reif, associate director for guest relations at the URGC, shares her passion for connection as well as updates on how the URGC is working to build student pride and connect with alumni through history.

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Staff Feature

Harrison Service Worker Flies into Retirement

The bond that exists between Ron Morgan, a member of the service staff in Harrison Hall, and the residents of Harrison is immediately evident as one walks around the hall with him. That bond recently led to a gift for Morgan’s upcoming retirement – an airplane ride with two students from his floor.

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Special Feature

Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

Celebrate the holidays with Dining & Culinary's macaroni and cheese recipe.

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