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Indianapolis University Residences Academic Year Contract 2024-25


This contract constitutes the agreement of the undersigned student ("Resident") to reside in University Residences during the fall and spring semesters of the 2024-2025 academic year and specifies the terms and conditions for all student housing assignments at Purdue University, Indianapolis (hereinafter "University" or "University Residences"). Resident must execute this housing contract via electronic signature through the University Residences Housing Portal. If Resident is under the age of eighteen (18), Resident’s parent or guardian must also execute the contract. This contract is legally binding and effective when fully executed by Resident (and Resident’s parent or legal guardian, if required). This contract may only be canceled or terminated as stated below. This contract is for exclusive use of Purdue University Residences, Indianapolis and is not transferable to Purdue University Residences, West Lafayette. In addition to the terms set forth herein, Residents are expected to be familiar and comply with all Guidelines and Policies, available online at https://www.housing.purdue.edu/campus-living/resources/guidelines-policies/ur-guidelines.html and incorporated herein.



Resident must be affiliated with the University as an enrolled student at Purdue University’s Indianapolis campus to be eligible to live in University Residences. The execution and performance of the provisions of this contract by the University are conditioned upon Resident’s fulfilling and maintaining the admission requirements, registration requirements, and financial requirements of Purdue University and University Residences. Resident must be at least sixteen (16) years of age on the start date of the contract. Resident does not become ineligible for student housing, nor is the housing contract otherwise void or terminated, if during the term of the contract, Resident switches from full-time to part-time enrollment or enrolls in online courses. University Residences, at its sole discretion, may allow a part-time student to reside in student housing.

A registered sex offender is ineligible for University Residences housing. If Resident executes a housing contract but fails to disclose that they are a registered sex offender, or is required by the law of any state to register as a sex offender, Resident’s housing contract will be immediately terminated. Resident will be required to vacate their housing assignment within twenty-four (24) hours. Resident will not be eligible for a refund or credit of any housing fees.
Resident is prohibited from residing in student housing if suspended, expelled, or otherwise removed from the University for disciplinary reasons. Resident will be required to vacate Resident’s room or apartment within twenty-four (24) hours of notification of the disciplinary sanction, unless the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life and/or the Dean of Students, or designee, mandates otherwise.
If the University becomes aware that a student has a record of criminal convinction(s) or other actions that could pose a risk to person or property and/or could be injurious or disruptive to the University Residences' community environment, the University may not accept or may cancel Resident's contract.
A Resident who becomes ineligible for student housing for any of the reasons set fourth in this section will be charged the Voluntary Cancellation Fee set forth in the Cancellation section of this Agreement.


2024 - 25 TERM
Subject to the terms of this contract, the University agrees to provide housing for the 2024-2025 academic year, beginning August 16, 2024, and ending the last day on which final examinations are held for the academic year.
This housing contract does not provide student housing during the Winter Break and any other stated University vacation, or in the event an emergency is declared by the University. Unless otherwise notified, Resident is not required to remove their personal belongings but will not have access to their assigned space during such breaks. During Winter Break, Residents who wish to stay may remain in their room for an additional charge. Pre-registration is required for anyone who chooses to stay during Winter Break.
Residents assigned to traditional residence halls who wish to stay may remain in their room for an additional charge. Residents assigned to University Residences Boiler Apartments, LUX apartments, who wish to stay may remain in their room for no additional charge. Pre-registration is required fo all residents who choose to stay during Winter Break. 


Resident agrees to make payment of the assessed rates to the University for the assigned room/apartment and selected meal plan, if applicable, for the term of this Contract according to the University’s payment plan administered by the Bursar’s Office. Bills will be issued on the scheduled determined by the Bursar’s Office and will be payable ten (10) days after the bill is issued. Assessed rates for beginning students will vary according to the specific room assignment within the ranges shown on the University Residences “Rate Chart,” available at www.housing.purdue.edu, and which is incorporated herein. If Resident signs this Contract after the beginning of the academic year, Resident will be billed a pro-rated amount reflecting the week of the semester that Resident begins occupancy.
If Resident is a recipient of financial aid, including Guaranteed Student Loans, up to one semester’s housing payments plus any past due amounts will be deducted from the available financial aid funds and credited to Resident’s housing bill at the beginning of each semester. A loss or reduction in Resident’s financial aid award is not a reason for cancellation of this Contract.
Rates are set by the Board of Trustees of Purdue University and are subject to change at the beginning of any semester.
Resident’s failure to pay any housing fees imposed under this contract may result in a hold on Resident’s bursar’s account, and/or course registration or graduation eligibility. This section shall not be construed as a waiver by the University of its right to maintain any legal action against Resident in a court of competent jurisdiction. In the event the University files such legal action, Resident shall be liable for the University’s attorneys’ fees, and any judgment entered shall be without relief from valuation and appraisement laws.


Resident is required to purchase a meal plan, which is administered solely by Indiana University-Indianapolis ("IU-Indy"). IU-Indy will automatically assign Resident Resident the All Access 7 Day-Requirement Plan, and Resident will be given the option to select a different, required meal plan. Refer to Required Meal Plans at www.mealplans.iupui.edu for more information. Resident agrees to the terms and conditions of the meal plan. University Residences assumes no liability for meal plan agreements signed directly with IU-Indy, and any agreements, obligations or disputes arising from such agreements are solely the responsibility of the Resident and IU-Indy.



University Residences endeavors to assign students to housing based upon the housing preference of the individual student; however, a specific housing assignment based upon the student’s preference is not guaranteed or implied. Assignments are made with the following priorities in mind:

  • Student Accommodations
  • Academic (Learning Communities, etc.)
  • Personal Preferences

While University Residences will consider all roommate requests, such requests are not guaranteed and are dependent on space availability. It is possible that roommate requests will be assigned together but in a triple, quad, quad plus or apartment.

University Residence’s inability to honor housing preferences or preliminary room/apartment assignments shall not constitute a breach of this contract, and Resident is not permitted to cancel or terminate this contract if Resident’s housing preference is not met.
University Residences reserves the right to change room/apartment assignments for any reason deemed appropriate, at the sole discretion of University Residences. In the event of a national or regional emergency, University Residences reserves the right to reassign a student and/or to increase or decrease the occupancy of rooms.


Resident is authorized to access Resident’s assigned room/apartment on the date and time specified by University Residences. Resident may request an early move-in date if the option is available. If University Residences grants Resident’s request, Resident will be charged an early arrival fee for the early dates of occupancy. The daily room rate will be imposed in addition to any other housing fees Resident is assessed. Residents who are participating in Boiler Gold Rush or another pre-approved early arrival program do not need to request an early move-in date.

Unless Resident requests an extension of the arrival period in writing to University Residences, University Residences is not obligated to hold a space reservation past 12:00 noon on the first day of classes for the academic semester.

If a request for late arrival is granted, University Residences will hold a space for Resident for a reasonable period of time, but no more than thirty (30) days. Even if a request for late arrival is granted, University Residences reserves the right to reassign Resident to a space other than Resident’s original assigned room/apartment upon arrival, depending upon availability. Resident will not receive a refund or credit for the days that Resident’s room or apartment remains unoccupied.

Resident is expected to occupy Resident’s assigned space for the entire 2024-2025 academic year, except as otherwise noted herein. Resident is expected to move out within twenty-four (24) hours after the Resident’s last scheduled final examination. Upon approval, a late stay fee may be assesed. If Resident voluntarily elects to move out prior to the end of the contract date, Resident will not receive a refund or credit of any housing fees, except as otherwise noted herein. 
Resident agrees a $50 fee for improper checkout will be assessed by University Residences for failure to properly check out of Resident’s assigned space at the end of the contract term. This improper checkout is in addition to other charges that might be accrued for labor of packing, lost keys, etc.


Resident shall not rent, sublease, transfer, or assign Resident’s assigned space to any person for any reason.

Resident’s assigned space shall be used solely as a personal residence related to Resident’s enrollment at Purdue University’s Indianapolis campus. In no event shall Resident conduct any commercial activity, unless such activity is being conducted for academic purposes. No person other than Resident and Resident’s University-approved roommate(s) may reside in Resident’s room or apartment. Occupancy for more than three (3) consecutive nights more than once per semester by any person other than Resident and authorized roommate(s) constitutes a breach of this contract. Resident acknowledges and agrees that this housing contract does not authorize family housing. Children are not allowed in University Residence hall rooms or apartments as overnight guests.

The University reserves the right to terminate this contract due to the inability or refusal of Resident to adjust to the concept and requirements of living in a student residence environment.

University Residences must approve any changes to Resident’s housing assignment. Resident may not exchange rooms or housing assignments with another resident without the requisite prior approval.


When a roommate’s housing assignment is canceled or terminated, Resident must keep Resident’s assigned room or apartment in a neat and orderly condition, so that it remains readily accessible and available for a replacement roommate. Resident will have a reasonable opportunity to identify a new roommate or request a room change by a specific deadline. If Resident takes no action, University Residences will designate the vacant room or bedspace as available for selection by another student. Resident may not refuse or reject an assigned roommate and shall not engage in any conduct intended to deter a prospective new roommate from accepting the housing assignment. Resident may also request a private room for the rest of the academic semester if Resident’s roommate discontinues his or her housing assignment. University Residences, in its sole discretion, may grant or deny Resident’s request. Resident may incur increased housing fees for a private room, and all such fees will be charged to Resident’s bursar account. When reduced occupancy is granted, room furniture is moved at University Residences' sole discretion. 


University Residences reserves the right to relocate Resident or otherwise modify Resident’s housing assignment where the circumstances warrant, including but not limited to complete housing renovations, maintenance, or construction; to implement public health recommendations; to impose disciplinary sanctions or supportive measures for Resident or another student; to resolve roommate conflicts; or to implement orders issued by local, state, or federal government. Resident is expected to relocate within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving notice from University Residences unless University Residences requests a different time in writing.


Students who are assigned to limited term accommodations at the beginning of the contract term agree to move when a room becomes available and accept the rate appropriate to the new assignment. Assignment to limited term accommodations does not constitute a breach of this contract.



Current Residents/Returners: Students who currently reside in University Residences or are returning to live with University Residences.

  • February 29, 2024
  • If signed after February 29th - 72 hours from signed date

New Residents: Students who anticipate living with University Residences for the first time.

  • May 6, 2024
  • If signed after May 6th - 72 hours from signed date

Not Attending Purdue Indy Campus

  • Cancellations for not attending Purdue Indy campus between February 29 - July 31, are subject to a $50 cancellation fee unless transferring to Purdue, West Lafayette campus for the next concurrent semester.
  • Cancellations for not attending Purdue Indy campus between August 1 - start of the contract is subject to a $250 cancellations fee unless transferring to Purdue, West Lafayette campus for the next concurrent semester.
  • Resident is entitled to a prorated refund of the semester's room and board rate, minus a cancellation fee for withdrawals from the university. The Cancellation Fee will be waived for students who withdraw from the University for an approved medical or military leave, and Co-op or Internship.
  • If Resident cancels contract during the fall semester, University Residences will automatically cancel Resident's spring housing assignment and will not charge Resident for spring room and meal plan. If Resident is eligible to return for the spring semester, Resident must contact University Residences to complete a new contract when eligible. 

*The $200 Housing Application Fee is not refundable.


Except as otherwise noted herein, cancellation for any reason other than Withdrawal, Co-op, Internship, Military, Medical or Cancellation for Non-Attendance shall be considered Voluntary. Resident who seek a Voluntary contract buyout shall be charged a "Voluntary Contract Buyout Fee" as follows:

  • Prior to start of the Fall Semester:
    • 75% of the standard room cost or actual room cost, whichever is lower, for Academic Year plus 75% of meal plan rate for both fall and spring
  • After the end of the fall semester but before the first day of classes for the spring semester:
    • 75% of the standard room cost or actual room cost, whichever is lower, for Spring Semester room rate plus 75% Spring Semester meal plan rate

Voluntary Contract Buyouts may be submitted between the binding date of the contract and the first day of the contract via the housing portal.

*If the amount previously paid by Resident under this contract exceeds the Voluntary Contract Buyout, the University will refund the excess to Resident. All assessments for Voluntary Contract Buyouts are due in accordance with the University billing schedule.

The Student Housing Appeals Committee is a university committee that reports to the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life (“the Committee”). Resident may petition the Committee in writing to cancel Resident’s housing contract for sudden, unforeseeable extenuating circumstances, such as a severe medical condition or extreme financial hardship that renders it necessary for Resident to obtain alternate housing. The process for appeal and relevant forms may be found at www.housing.purdue.edu. Contract cancellations, terminations, or removals that are based on any University disciplinary action are not subject to this Housing Contract Appeal process. Resident acknowledges and agrees that the Committee has sole and absolute discretion to grant or deny Resident’s appeal. The Committee’s decision shall be final and not subject to further review. If the Committee grants Resident’s housing appeal, Resident’s sole relief shall be a full, partial, or prorated credit of housing fees as of the date that the Committee issues its decision.


University Residences may determine, in its sole discretion, that Resident has abandoned the assigned space if:

  • Resident appears to have moved out;
  • The contract term has expired; or
  • Resident has not been in the room for five (5) consecutive days while any amount owed under this contract is due and unpaid.

If Resident has abandoned Resident’s space, University Residences may remove and dispose of Resident’s personal property.

Any fees associated with cleaning the room and or items left behind may accrue additional charges including but not limited to whole room packing charges, cleaning fees, and improper checkout fees.



Resident agrees that compliance with the terms of this contract and all policies, rules and regulations, as may be in force from time to time, of Purdue University, including those of University Residences and University Residences student organizations, is a condition of this contract. Violation of any term of this contract or any policy, rule, or regulation of Purdue University and/or University Residences shall entitle the University, at its sole option and without notice, to cancel this contract. An election by the University not to exercise this option under this section shall not preclude or waive the exercise of that option in the event of continuing or subsequent violations.

The University reserves the right to terminate this contract due to the inability or refusal of Resident to adjust to the concept and requirements of living in a student residence environment.

If the University terminates this contract as permitted by this section, Resident shall be charged the Voluntary Cancellation Fee as calculated in the Voluntary Contract Buyoutsection of this contract, except the cancellation date may be set as a term of the conduct decision.

FERPA Notices
Consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA"), University Residences may share information derived from Resident's education records with IU-Inday school officials who have a legitimate, educational interest in such information. Information may include residence hall assignments, dining plans, conduct information, and other relevant student information that is necessary for residence hall operations.
In the event of unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the University, including but not limited to fire, flood, inclement weather, natural disasters, acts of God, interruption of utility services, attempted or acts of terrorism, war, declarations of war, local, state, or federal declarations of emergency, pandemic, epidemic, or infectious disease, the University reserves the right to maintain the safety of its University community and University property by any reasonable means, including but not limited to temporarily or permanently removing Resident from student housing or modifying Resident’s housing assignment. The University will specify the timeframe for any removal or modification in writing. If any University Residences space is closed or unavailable due to an unforeseeable circumstance or natural disaster contemplated by this section, the University, in its sole discretion, may terminate Resident’s housing contract without prior notice to Resident. The University shall have no obligation to provide alternate housing for Resident, rebuild or replace any affected University property or premises, or issue Resident a refund or credit of any housing fees costs, or other housing-related expenses.
Resident acknowledges and agrees that the University may take specific measures to protect the public health of its university community and the surrounding community in response to a state of emergency, COVID-19 or another communicable disease, or other reasons deemed to be in the best interests of the University. Resident acknowledges and understands that these measures may include terminating Resident’s housing contract, changing Resident’s housing assignment, closing University Residences spaces, shortening the academic term, and/or modifying how coursework is delivered. Resident acknowledges and agrees that if the University takes any such measures, including in response to COVID-19 or for COVID-19 related reasons, or otherwise terminates Resident’s housing contract for one of the unforeseeable circumstances specified under this section: (1) Resident shall have no option or right to cancel the housing contract for either circumstances beyond Resident’s control or unforeseeable extenuating circumstances, and (2) Resident shall receive no refund or credit of any housing fees, costs, or other housing-related expenses unless the University, in its sole discretion, notifies Resident otherwise.



If University Residences is required to change a door lock due to the following reasons, Resident will be assessed a fee based on University Residences rate structure. 

  • Lost key;
  • Loaner key not returned by due date;
  • Checking a key out more than 4 times during a semester will get a mandatory lock change on the 5th time;
  • Unauthorized lock installed; or
  • Duplicate key made
Resident is prohibited from propping open or otherwise tampering with a locked or secured door. Resident must not allow unauthorized person(s) entry or access to a University Residences space. Resident agrees to accept responsibility for the actions of any guests of Resident.

Resident must evacuate any University Residences facility or University building when a fire alarm sounds. Resident acknowledges and agrees that activating a false alarm and the tampering with any fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, hoses, smoke detectors, exist signs, or pull boxes, is strictly prohibited. University Residences will report any fire safety offenses to the fire department. The penalty for such offenses may include student disciplinary sanctions, removal from Resident’s assigned space, fines, and criminal prosecution.

Residents are authorized to bring only Underwriters Laboratory- and University Residences approved appliances, electronics, and batteries into their residence. Resident shall be required to reimburse the University for all damage caused by Resident's personal property, including fire, smoke, and water damage; emergency and building response costs; building and University property damage; and damage to other residents' personal property. Any such reimbursement costs will be charged to Resident's bursar account. 

Residents has a continuing obligation to read and abide by the University Residences Guidelines and Policies related to fire safety, which are incorporated by reference as if fully stated herein.


The use, possession, being in the presence of, transporting and distribution of alcohol and illegal controlled substances in any University Residences building is prohibited. Smoking, including the use of vape pens, is likewise prohibited. Smoking and vaping is permitted on the University’s campus only in designated smoking areas. Resident has a continuing obligation to read and abide by the University Residences Guidelines and Policies related to alcohol, drugs, and smoking, which are incorporated by reference as if fully stated herein.
Weapons are strictly prohibited in University Residences’ facilities and property. This includes all instruments that by their nature are designed to cause injury or destruction. Examples include but are not limited to the following: handguns, rifles, shotguns, BB guns, pellet guns, dart guns, bows and arrows, swords, martial arts implements and explosives whether manufactured or handmade, including live ammunition. This prohibition on weapons applies whether or not Resident possesses a license to carry a handgun, or an equivalent permit issued by another state. Resident has a continuing obligation to read and abide by the University Residences Guidelines and Policies related to weapons possession, which are incorporated by reference as if fully stated herein.



The University will exercise reasonable care regarding Resident’s health, safety, and property and will make a good faith effort to promptly repair any damage or defects in any University property, facilities, or premises. From time to time, the University may temporarily disconnect its heating/cooling system, water supply, internet, or electrical system to perform maintenance, service, or repair. The University is not liable and assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience or damage to Resident or Resident’s property because of this limited disruption of service or any other disruption of service due to inclement weather, a natural disaster, or any other unanticipated developments beyond the University’s control.

In addition, University Residences will make a good faith effort to work with our Master Leased property management partners regarding student-initiated maintenance requests.

The University is not liable and assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to Resident’s personal belongings or property, whether arising from theft, fire, smoke, inclement weather, water damage, destruction, or any other hazard or casualty. Resident is advised to maintain the appropriate insurance at Resident’s expense to cover such losses.

Resident is required to maintain Resident’s assigned University Residences space and any common areas of a residence hall or University apartment in a neat and sanitary condition. Resident agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning fee if Resident fails to clean the assigned space after University Residences provides reasonable notice of the need to do so.

Resident is not allowed to paint or otherwise make any permanent alterations to Resident’s assigned room, apartment, appliances, fixtures, or furniture. The removal of any appliances, fixtures, or furniture from Resident’s room or apartment is prohibited, nor may Resident store the items offsite, or trade or exchange them with another student.

All of Resident’s personal belongings must be removed from Resident’s assigned room or apartment at the end of Resident’s housing contract or the termination of Resident’s housing assignment, whichever comes first. Resident’s room or apartment, including the floor, should be free of debris and any trash cans must be emptied. If any room configuration has been altered (e.g., furniture or beds moved or disassembled, chairs or desks rearranged), the room must be returned to its original configuration.

If Resident or one of Resident’s guest(s) abuses, alters, destroys, or damages Resident’s room, apartment, or common area of any housing facility, Resident shall reimburse the University for the cost of any housekeeping services, maintenance or repair, or replacement furniture, fixtures, or appliances. Any such reimbursement costs will be charged to Resident’s bursar’s account.

University communal property includes, but is not limited to, hallways, bathrooms, stairwells, elevators, lounges, living rooms, utility rooms, and kitchens located in the common areas of a residence hall, residential college, or University apartment. Resident acknowledges and agrees that if University Residence determines that any communal property has been damaged or destroyed but the responsible individual(s) cannot be identified, all University Residences residents with access to the communal property may be required to pay an equal share of the cost to repair the damage, restore the communal space to its original condition, or complete community service hours. Any such costs will be charged to Resident’s bursar’s account.
University Residences or designee reserves the right to enter Resident’s assigned room or apartment at any time in case of an emergency, including to conduct a welfare check to assess health and safety, consistent with Resident’s constitutional right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure. University Residences reserves the right to enter Resident’s assigned room or apartment at reasonable times, upon reasonable notice, to conduct maintenance or inspection of plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems; to perform repairs, alterations, improvements, rodent or insect abatement; or to provide maintenance and care of the premises. The University’s residential spaces, including Resident’s assigned room, will be periodically inspected at reasonable times, upon reasonable notice, for damages, health and safety violations, to determine readiness for occupancy, and to verify compliance with applicable law and University policy.
While living in University Residences, residents are responsible for their own care including maintaining personal hygiene as well as management of medical and mental health conditions or illnesses. Residents with disabilities who require reasonable accommodation from University Residences should contact the Disability Resource Center Office at (765) 494-1247 or at drc@purdue.edu. Disability-related personal needs are the responsibility of individual residents. Residents are expected to use the various resources available to provide care for themselves. Residents who demonstrate the inability or refusal to care for themselves and/or who cause harm to themselves, or others may be asked to adhere to an action plan or have their contract terminated.


If the University delays or fails to enforce any term of this contract, this delay or failure shall not be deemed a waiver of that term.
The invalidity of any provision of this contract or of its application to any person or circumstance, as determined by any governmental agency or court, shall in no way affect the validity of any other provision hereof, and all the terms of this contract shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.
The headings in this housing contract are for reference only and shall not limit or affect the meaning of any term of the contract.
This Agreement is to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana. If any of the terms or conditions hereof conflict with such law, then such terms or conditions shall be deemed inoperative and null and void insofar as they may be in conflict therewith and shall be deemed modified and amended to conform to such law. Venue for any action hereunder shall be Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and the student hereby consents to service of process from such courts.
This housing contract incorporates by reference, as if fully stated herein, all University and University Residences policies, procedures, regulations, and guidelines, whether documented on the University policy website, posted on the official University Residences website, or published by the University otherwise. This housing contract constitutes the entire agreement between Resident and the University and may only be modified or amended in writing by the University.
This page is a draft only and is not legally binding. If you are interested in signing an application, please visit our housing portal.