Latest University Residences News
Thu 13 Jul
Assigned to the Cottages? Read what Caleb Waddell, Residence Education Assistant had to say about living in the Cottages last year…

“One of the nicest things for me was having my own private space off to the side where I could go if I had to work, it also had a nice common area with a full-size kitchen I could cook in when I wanted to. We had a laundry room and a pantry. There was plenty of space for storage, quite a large living area and a community center to play games and hang out. So, there were private areas when you needed it and it also had social areas which we looked forward to using. 

I am excited to go back to the Cottages this year because I didn’t know everything they had at the time. They have a lot of resources that I was too busy for and didn’t get to use. They have things like a volleyball pit, swimming pool, hot tub, tanning bed. Things that you don’t have access to at other places, and I didn’t fully utilize them last year and am looking forward to doing that this year. 

For me, as a new incoming student, my biggest concern would be transportation to class, but there is a bus system that runs frequently to and from campus and late at night and the weekends. So, transportation was not that much of an issue for anyone. Residential Life-wise, it almost seemed more “connected” to me. Having been an RA in the halls before, it kind of got our residents to bond more easily because they were in this new experience. They sought out my help more because of that, and that helped them to get together and meet people more, and to use their resources better, because they had to ask questions instead of trying to figure it out on their own.”

Fri 11 Aug
Large Charter Bus Pick-up and Drop-off Relocation

As a part of the State Street Redevelopment Project, Grant Street has been permanently converted to 2-way traffic. With this conversion, we’ve relocated all of the large charter bus pick up and drop off locations to Oval Drive that were previously at the Union Club Hotel / Grant Street location.

Purdue has (3) pick up locations for large shuttle / charter buses: 

  1. Purdue Airport
  2. Purdue West
  3. Oval Drive – north end (prior Union Hotel Club pick up location)

With this in mind, sign boards will be positioned at the new location indicating it is the “UnLoading Zone.”

Mon 03 Apr
The State Street Redevelopment Project is Now Underway!

The State Street Redevelopment Project will remake State Street from the Wabash River to U.S. 231 into a place that reflects the vibrant spirit of the community. For more information, project updates, and to sign up for Nixle text and email alerts, visit