How is your contribution used?

There are a number of ways that University Residences invests in students above and beyond the proven benefits of living on campus. Below, we put a face – and in one case, a snout – on the positive impact that alumni gifts have on current students living in UR. 


Former Shreve Hall counselor and staff resident Sarah Ayers Puls founded the RAISE Fund in 2006 to reduce tuition costs for Purdue resident assistants. In the decade since, donations to the fund have provided endowments for several residence halls across campus.

Ruby Perez, herself a staff resident in Shreve, received this year’s Sarah Ayers Puls Resident Assistantship through the RAISE Fund.

“The scholarship means so much to me. I highly value my education. Knowing that I will not be bombarded by debt when I leave college will allow me to focus more energy on my true passions. It will allow me to spend more time helping others, volunteering, and mentoring, Perez said. “It is a blessing to receive an award that will help me so much in my academic and community goals.”

Perez, a senior political science major from Hobart, Ind., said being recognized for her efforts as an RA fuel her to do even better as a staff resident this year.

National Conference

“I chose to become an RA because I knew it was a job where I could use my skills to make a difference. I love working with people. I love watching others grow and helping them develop,” Perez said. “The staff I work with are some of the best people I know, and my residents have taught me so much and allowed me to grow with them throughout the year. They all have such a special place in my heart.”

Student Leadership Opportunities

Jordyn Wellman spent three years as an RA or SR during her undergrad career, which gave her a number of professional development opportunities, culminating in a trip to the University of Maryland for the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders before she graduated.

Her professional supervisors encouraged her to attend the conference after watching her thrive in Residential Life as student.

“I learned several important lessons from the conference including learning how to network, strategies of entering a male-dominated profession, and how to support and encourage other young women to take on leadership positions,” said Wellman.

Wellman is now a graduate student at Ohio University in the College Student Personnel program.

“After the conference, I was inspired to look into programs that promote women leaders and develop leadership skills in women. I am currently working in housing but I hope to one day create a position as a director of Women Student Leadership.”

PUPD K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit

In addition to providing students opportunities directly, University Residences helps fund the Purdue University Police Department’s K-9 unit, which serves the residence halls.

Officer Andy Standifer is an 11-year PUPD veteran who gives presentations in the residences halls for RAs or specific floors in addition to his patrol duties. His partner Paco, a 4-year-old Dutch shepherd, joined PUPD after finishing his 10-week certification in May. Paco is certified for patrol and apprehension, tracking in an open area search, and narcotic detection.

“Reaction is usually positive to seeing the dog. It’s a very useful tool, because once a trained dog alerts, it’s usually probable cause to get a search warrant,” Standifer said.

“Any time (staff) smell the odor of marijuana or have reasonable suspicion, we’ll take the dogs in.”

Paco is one of three K-9 officers at PUPD, in addition to Vara and Macho.

“Paco is always with me, here and at home,” Standifer said. “We’ll take regular calls, and we take all drug calls. We also help out the other agencies, so if Lafayette (Police Department) doesn’t have a dog available, we’ll go help Lafayette.”

For more information on all the various ways that your gifts to University Residences make a difference, please visit the UR giving opportunities page

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