Marketing Intern on Design of UR Alumni Coin 

UR Alumni CoinMitchell Kumle, a 2015 Purdue graduate, designed the UR alumni coin as a graphic design intern for what was then Housing & Food Services Marketing. Kumle (featured above, back row, right) was one of five designers working on the project, and his design was chosen because of how well it represented UR and resonated with alumni. 

“I chose the Purdue alumni P for the front of the coin and Cary Quad for the back because, together, they combine to symbolize the University Residences Alumni Center very well,” Kumle said. “This freedom to design as I pleased, and the fact that I was designing a university memento, made this project one of my favorites to work on while I was at Purdue.” 

Kumle is now living in Indianapolis keeping busy with freelance work in the area, continuing to use the skills he honed on campus. 

“My internship with the marketing department of HFS at Purdue was the most influential part of my college experience,” he said. “Of course, the classes I was enrolled in at Purdue helped mold me into the designer that I am now, but the time I spent working with my incredible boss, (art director) Jackie Perkins, and the tremendous marketing team for Housing & Food Services gave me an immeasurable amount of knowledge and experience that I could not have received from any course I could have taken.” 

Thank You to RAISE Fund Donors 

Two new RAISE Fund scholarships were established this year, one by a couple of former Purdue hall counselors (Bill and Barbara) living in North Carolina and another by Maggie Yake in honor of her late husband, Terry Yake, who was a Cary Quad counselor. Thank you for giving back to University Residences and supporting the current generation of student leaders at Purdue! 

Complimentary Alumni Meal Cards Available 

The University Residences Alumni and Guest Center opened in the fall of 2014 in the Cary Quadrangle Towers, and now serves as a hub for residence hall tours and visiting UR alumni. When visiting campus, UR alumni (who graduated from Purdue and lived in a residence hall their senior year) can stop by for a meal card with four complimentary meals per year (July 1 – June 30). The card is loaded for one meal per meal period. If you will be visiting campus evenings or weekends, arrangements can be made to pick up the meal card after hours. Contact or call 765-496-0278 for more information. 

Giving Opportunities 

There is a new page for University Residence giving opportunities, which details all the ways you can give back including specific halls and funds. Check it out today! 

Mark Your Calendar! 

Harrison Hall will celebrate 50 years of housing Boilermakers in 2016! Stay tuned for details of the 50th anniversary celebration.

Residence Hall Anniversaries


Cary East Hall - 90th Anniversary in 2018
Cary Northeast Hall 
- 85th Anniversary in 2016
Cary Northwest and West Halls
- 80th Anniversary in 2018
Cary South Hall
- 80th Anniversary in 2019

EARHART HALL  - 55th Anniversary in 2019

FIRST STREET TOWERS - 10th Anniversary in 2019

HARRISON HALL - 50th Anniversary in 2016

HAWKINS HALL (Renamed in 1981) - 35th Anniversary in 2016

HILLENBRAND HALL - 25th Anniversary in 2018

HILLTOP APARTMENTS - 75th Anniversary in 2015

MCCUTCHEON HALL - 55th Anniversary in 2018

MEREDITH HALL - 65th Anniversary in 2017

OWEN HALL - 60th Anniversary in 2017

SHREVE HALL - 45th Anniversary in 2015

TARKINGTON HALL - 60th Anniversary in 2018

WILEY HALL - 60th Anniversary in 2018


Duhme Hall (originally South Hall) - 85th Anniversary in 2019
Shealy Hall (North Hall)
- 80th Anniversary in 2016
- 80th Anniversary in 2019
Warren (D Hall) and Vawter (E Hall)
- 65th Anniversary in 2016

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