Aspire at Discovery Park is one of University Residences' newest UR Boiler Apartment offering. This state-of-the-art community is located off of South Street on the west end of the West Lafayette campus. Aspire is directly across the street from First Street Towers. The community opened in Fall 2020 and consists of three connected buildings, a main office, community space, a fitness center, outdoor gathering spaces and Crave food hall.

Apartment Types

University Residences has entered into a master lease with Aspire for primarily four bedroom, two bathroom apartments. Each bedroom has a locking door. Apartments all come furnished and include a washer and dryer. All utilities are included (Aspire covers most utilities and University Residences covers the rest).

Smart Home Technology

It is a "smart home" community where residents can use an app to control utilities such as lights and thermostat. More information is available on the Aspire at Discovery Park website.

Students who live in the UR Boiler Apartments will be on a University Residences contract and a Purdue Dining & Culinary meal plan. 

Aspire Floor Plan Layout Illustration

Aspire Floorplan Layout Illustration

Please visit the Aspire website here for dimensions and additional floorplans

Please note: Illustrations are approximate, please contact University Residences Boiler Apartments for details regarding your specific room. 



Lounge Living Collection

  • Loveseat 
    56"L x 36"W x 31"H
    1050 Hayden Grey Upholstery, Silver Grey Base Frame
  • Loveseat - No Arm, Chaise 
    80"L x 80"D x 31"H
    1050 Hayden Grey Upholstery, Silver Grey Base Frame
    Included in 4x4, 4x2
  • Side Table - Recessed Top
    18"L x 18"W x 25"H
    Living Room Finishes: Norway Silver Laminate, Metallic Charcoal Frame
    Bedroom Finishes: New Urban Legrande Laminate, Metallic Charcoal Frame
    Included in 4x4, 4x2
  • Entertainment Center with push latch
    60"L x 17.825"D x 20"H
    Norway Silver Maple Laminate, Metallic Charcoal Frame
    Included in 4x4, 4x2
  • Popup Coffee Table
    42"L x 22"W x 17"H
    Norway Silver Maple Laminate
    Included in 4x4, 4x2
  • Bar / Counter Stool
    30"H / 24"H
    Norway Silver Maple Seat Laminate, Metallic Chrome Frame
    Included in 4x4, 4x2