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Welcome to the Purdue University Faculty Fellow Program. The Faculty Fellow Program takes an inspired approach to facilitate informal interaction between students living in University Residences and Purdue faculty and staff outside of the classroom. We hope you will consider this opportunity to become more involved with Purdue students.


Engage faculty, staff, and residential students in meaningful and thought-provoking relationships.

Overall Objective

The Faculty Fellow Program promotes a personalized experience for students by association with faculty and staff on an informal basis outside the classroom and office. The program offsets the degree of depersonalization, which is inherent in any institution, satisfies the needs of students for individual time and attention, and promotes student awareness of the opportunity for intellectual, social, cultural, and personal growth.

Faculty Fellows come from all walks of the University: vice-presidents, deans, department heads, administrators, faculty and staff. Acting upon reviews and recommendations by the residence hall students and Residential Life staff, the Director of Residential Life appoints Faculty Fellows to a particular residence hall on an annual renewal basis. A Senior Faculty Fellow is chosen for each hall to help coordinate the hall's program.

Why Participate in the Faculty Fellow Program?

By participating in the Faculty Fellow program, you are able to directly contribute to student success. Student-faculty interaction positively contributes to academic attainment in terms of GPA, degree attainment, retention and enrollment in graduate/professional school, general cognitive development, job skills and future occupational status, according to Ernest Pascarella’s and Patrick Terenzini’s 2005 publication, How College Affects Students: A Third Decade of Research. In addition, the 2015 Gallup-Purdue Index Report indicates that recent college graduates point towards “supportive and motivating relationships with professors and mentors” as being “crucial to [their] undergraduate college experience” (p. 9). Furthermore, the authors of the report argue, there is a need to create more ways to cultivate mentoring relationships between faculty and students. The Faculty Fellow program at Purdue provides the opportunity for student-faculty interactions that are vital to student development and mentoring relationships.

Program Goals

Students will:

  • Engage in opportunities for learning outside of the classroom through dialogue with faculty and staff.
  • Strengthen support networks by establishing positive relationships with faculty and staff.

Get Involved!

Are you an administrative salary-exempt faculty or staff member (non-hourly) interested in learning more about the Faculty Fellow Program? Go to the About The Program to see what it's all about.
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